Does anyone know which hotel has open windows?

Started by Rhornez, November 22, 2012, 05:53:04 PM

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I am quite annoyed with having to go back to my room with DUDE funk everytime, and since not being able to open the windows at the sixth floor at the marriot i am fed up. just wondering if anyone knows which hotel has open windows? like say the fairmont for example?

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I know at the Hilton the windows can open up enough to let air in but not enough to start throwing things out the window.
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Well, a simple thing you can bring is Fabreze or Lysol air sprays. And ask everyone to shower more.....and not say in a room with 10+ people in a single room.
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^ happened to me in 2011 NEVER AGAIN
haha it was just my brothr and 2 people i roomed with and were all guys hmmm looks like i might hit up the hilton then

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The Fairmont has windows that you can crack open several inches, even fairly high up the tower.


I believe the Ramada has open windows, but that might be kind of far for you.