Europe's Most Wanted (Hetalia Panel)

Started by Furrat, January 21, 2013, 01:31:58 PM

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This is a European centric Q & A/Dare panel for Hetalia.

Time: TBA
We plan on a 2 hour time slot.

If you are interested in this we would love to have a couple more nations. The only rule is you must be a European nation! It will most likely be a 16+ panel so make sure you are okay with a little content.

Who we have:
Prussia (Co-host) - InfinityThief
Italy (Co-host) - myself
England - Haunterluvcookies
Russia - Kiara
Chibitalia - MidnightPrincess94
Plus a special non-European guest (if you join the cast you will be let in on the surprise).

We want any European nations but if you are a Romano or a Sweden you will almost definitely be accepted instantly!

You will need to provide a way to contact you (preferably Facebook) once you are accepted.


May I join your panel as Latvia? ( I'm not sure if I'll be Regular or Gakuen Latvia yet)

I can also be Canada as well!

My tumblr is meilinnobaka! send me an ask and i will give you my facebook name!


is this panel accept yet, because I would like to see it.
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We have not received any notice of acceptance or declination. We are still on  the waiting list and are waiting for further direction.  :)


Can I join as France?

I even have a sample video:

I'm more than willing to post more. The video was recorded a couple of days before my blue contacts came in. By Yaoi-Con, I'm also planning on having France's official red and blue uniform ready. The video was the undercover outfit he wears when he spreads rumors about Germany.

I didn't realize it already happened...NVM!!!!  :P


If ever needed I cosplay Egypt and Spain.
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