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I know this was brought up last year, but is anyone down to meet up for a hookah session, or many? Yes, there are hookah lounges in the area, but they're too expensive for what they are. So if anyone has a hookah and wants to bring it, maybe we can set something up. My friends and I smoked outside one of the Fairmont's exits last year and no one said anything.

I unfortunately don't have my 4-hose setup anymore, but I'm more than willing to bring my Egyptian hookah.

Well, just throwing the idea out there.


Guess no one's interested. Well, my offer is still out there.


It sounds fun, but I don't have a hookah, lol.  Where would the meetup be?  I can't imagine the Hilton or Marriott would be too happy about a group smoking hookah in one of the guest rooms, lol.


Depends, what will you put in the hookah? Weed or tobacco?
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Hopefully tobacco.  Count me out if it's weed :/


I can't speak for anyone else who may join, but my hookahs will always only be used for tobacco. This will remain true for Fanime, that's IF there's enough interest.


Cz most of my friends use weed with hookah.

If tobacco, I am in. :)
""To move is to stir, and to be valiant is to stand; therefore,
if tou art mov'd, thou runst away."


I just thought of this... but wouldnt it raise concern to some other citizens if we smoked hooka in public?

perhaps we should focus on a location before we determine a time?

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I have a mini hookah I can bring! Just depends on the place.


If anything, we could buy more flavors/charcoal at the hookah bar a couple blocks away!
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Me and a friend smoked hookah 2 years ago the staff had no problems once they saw it was tobacco


Bring the hookah, ill bring the dank. :-)
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Ill bring my pipe and papers! But I might be low after this weekend if you know what I mean! Lol


Quote from: Chill_leee on April 14, 2013, 08:55:49 PM
Do you mind if me and another friend hookah with y'all? I mean we're not old enough to get into a hookah lounge but if you smoke that ganja/weed well gladly share.
How about no? You say you can't get into a hookah lounge, so you're admitting that you're not at least 18 years old. I'm not about to get arrested for letting a minor use my hookah.

And you have publicly admitted you're going to bring weed to the con. I'm not anti-marijuana at all, but that's just something you don't do in this forum.


Here's an idea, let's not talk about drugs on this forum.

This may not have been an explicit rule, but now it is.

If you want to talk about marijuana with friends, please do it elsewhere.



Just to make this also excruciatingly clear: if you're going to smoke anything, don't do it in your hotel room, unless your room is specifically a "smoking" room.

Most of the rooms in all of the Fanime blocks are listed as non-smoking, and that is not an optional rule.
It's typically a $250 cleaning charge from the hotel if you've been caught.

This applies to tobacco, marijuana, hookah, signalling a new pope, and bonfires in your room.   Just don't.