First Time Prop-er, Need Advice on Peace Bonding

Started by TobikoSprinkles, April 01, 2013, 10:20:49 PM

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Hello Everyone,

As stated in my subject line I'm a third time FanimeCon goer, but this year will wear an accessorized cosplay.  I'll be going as a Tonberry (from the Final Fantasy game series) and intend on making my lantern and small knife out of cardboard and paint (most likely will stay a 2-Dimensional prop, but may upgrade to a 3-D prop if I have the time).

What I wanted to ask is that if my small knife is going to be so obviously fake and attached to my wrist at all times with a small rope, do I still need to get it peace-bonded?  Same question about the lantern.  And do I need to keep it sheathed because it's a "sword-like prop"?  I know these may seem like stupid questions, but I've never cosplayed with props before and need to know the rights from wrongs.

Admiral Donuts

You will probably need to get the knife peace bonded.

Yukari Kaiba

if you're making it out of cardboard, and its going to look obviously very fake, I don't think they will make you keep it sheathed. You'll just have to get the zip-tie on it like any other prop that needs to be peace bonded.
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Please contact Rovers at ~ about peacebonding concerns or read the Weapons and Peacebonding thread that is pinned in this forum and post your questions there. Someone on staff who knows the rules will reply to you. I'm locking this thread.
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