Too late to register for staff positions?

Started by oopu, February 26, 2014, 11:53:39 PM

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Hi everyone,

Are staff applications still being reviewed? I did already submit an application, but I haven't heard from anyone.

Paying for the registration is not an issue; I just want to help out however I can.


They are, but if you haven't heard back from the departments you want to join, either send them an e-mail or come to a staff meeting and find them.
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Thank you for the response. How would I go about doing either, though? I haven't seen anything about staff meetings, nor do I know who heads what sections.


The next staff meeting will be April 19th @ the Fairmont, Regency Ball Room 2nd Floor. Usually general staff meeting start at 3pm. If I where you I'd go to this one, it's one of the mandatory meetings.(It's mandatory because of Radio Training.)

Was there a specific staff group you'd like to be in?


Cool, thank you for the info! I will do my best to make it.

I was particularly interested in contributing to the Registration, Web Team, or ConOps team, whichever one felt could make the best use of me.


Registration- registration @

Web Team- webteam @

ConOps- conops @

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Hi! I had the same question (except that I've already sent in my application).
Do you know what's the email for Guest relations/Autographs/Music Fest and Extravaganzas/Masquerade/Fanimaid? Thanks!
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