Parking while staying at the Marriott.

Started by Malocide, May 02, 2014, 05:17:29 PM

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So my question is do you have to pay parking if you stay at the Marriott connected to the convention center? If not how do we get that privilege of parking through the hotel?

Thanks in advance!


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Yes you have to pay $29 per day. Subject to availability, because everyone wants to park as close as possible. Although you may get a parking discount, not too sure. That's what the Hilton did.
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I think I am just going to call then. Seems odd to have to pay for parking when you stay at a hotel.


OK never mind I called there is no parking accept valley, convention center parking or surrounding area. Super lame. I guess I will just find a outlying parking lot and keep my car there for the con.


Quote from: Malocide on May 02, 2014, 06:27:29 PM
I think I am just going to call then. Seems odd to have to pay for parking when you stay at a hotel.

Many hotels in a metropolitan area are going to charge you parking or some other fee to cover parking.


Tip: if youre going to drive, expect to pay for parking. There a selected FEW spots where its free but you dont get your car back after the holiday......and it intends to get filled super quick.
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That's the one downside to the Marriott, the fact that the only parking option is valet. At least with the Hilton, there's an option for both self-park and valet and both have in-and-out privilages.

I've been told to park in one of the many parking garages that are cheaper at least by half of what I would pay at the hotels, but I've payed more for a better piece of mind.


Note that with hotel valet, you get in and out privileges as a guest. Other lots may be cheaper, but if you want to drive for lunch, dinner, or some other reason you end up paying 2x or 3x the flat rate, or about the same as hotel valet. Honestly the best option is not have a car. You may consider parking farther and taking pub trans in, but people don't like strange cars on their street parked in the same place for 4 days. You don't get to check on your vehicle either.
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Can you park at the Airport, and if so, what are the rates?


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My friend parked on a Light rail station and then took the light rail to the convention center.


I was thinking about driving my car here for the week, but honestly its not worth it, paying 15-30$ a day for parking, and I don't live too far away.
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