WTS: stuff @ Swap Meet 2014

Started by Anon, May 21, 2014, 09:07:20 AM

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what's goin' on Fanime forums. Long time seller at the Fanime Swap meet, decided it'd be best to get a little advertisement going for the spot my friend and I will have at this year's show. Also get a little transparency, as we're always hearing that we've been accused of being dealers selling at the swap meet for having too nice a setup/inventory/whatever. This year, since everybody is on even footing and my inventory of stuff to sell is low I'm HOPING the usual doesn't happen, but we'll see. In any case, a quick 'n dirty little photo and list of what we'll have for Thursday and Friday night:

Pic of everything getting ready to be boxed up for the con:

List of just some of the things pictured / what we'll have:

Madoka w/ book (HobbyFan)
Fate Testarossa Swimsuit (Gift)
Racing Miku 2012 Ver. PVC (Freeing)
to heart 2 Tamaki - red & black
Anaru (Wave Beach Queens)
Akiyama Mio (Wave Beach Queens)
Jun Kazama (Kotobukiya)
Assassins Creed Figures
Funko Master Chief/Cortana/TMNT/Superman Domo
Ruby (RoosterTeeth's RWBY)
figma SP-012 Black Rock Shooter
figma 116 Black Rock Shooter
figma Mikasa Ackerman
figma Indiana Jones
figma KAITO
figma Guts Berzerker armor (the big first press release one that came with the book)
nendoroid K-on live stage Mio & Ritsu
nendoroid Nanatsuiro Drops & game
nendoroid Snow Miku 2012 & 2013 (no 2014 yet, sorry)
nendoroid Tachikoma
nendoroid DokiDoki Majou Shinpan DS game & Nendoroid Petit set
nendoroid Rin & Len Append Ver.
nendoroid more: after parts set 1 & 2
nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman
Revoltech Snake (MGS Peace Warker)
Revoltech Batmobile Tumbler
Revoltech Ardjet
Revoltech Vic Viper

More will be at the swap meet itself, I'm still digging through some stuff for last minute items I wanna get rid of. Last year I moved houses, so a lot of my collection still is sitting in moving boxes.