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Author Topic: WTS: Handmade Lolita Clothing (cheap prices!)  (Read 4382 times)

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WTS: Handmade Lolita Clothing (cheap prices!)
« on: February 05, 2015, 12:19:43 PM »

Hello everyone!

I'll be moving soon and I have quite a bit of handmade lolita clothing that I would like to get rid of before I do so, as I don't wear the fashion much anymore. Almost everything here is handmade, though there is some Bodyline, one AP replica (I bought it to cut it up and reuse the fabric for another project but couldn't bring myself to wear replica fabric), and one thrifted skirt. (All my actual brand, as well as a small handful of my favorite handmade dresses, stays safe with me. ;])

Most things are in the 20~30USD range, though a few things are a bit more, and a few a bit less, and prices are negotiable, so if it's within reason, I'm willing to haggle a little. These prices are already dirt cheap for what you are getting, though! Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs.

Most things are made to fit my body, which has a 32" bust and a 23" waist. Most things have at least some shirring in them and can probably fit up to a 34~35" bust and a 25~27" waist. I almost always did a 108" hem sweep on my gathered skirts (and the skirts of dresses), so these things are VERY puffy and have plenty of room for massive pettis. Any other sizes will be noted. I can take more exact measurements upon request. Any known damage will be noted, and I can take pictures upon request. Most bodices are lined, unless otherwise noted.

I also have a tumblr post with these items: http://fabrickind.tumblr.com/post/109708496078

Yellow sweet JSK: 35USD
One of my personal favorites! Very light and airy looking. has a shirred panel in the back. Has handmade puffs of tulle decorating the skirt and bodice. Perfect for spring.

Black sweetheart JSK: 20USD
Sweetheart neckline, shirred panel in back, gathered lace at neckline and hem, thin straps. Skirt is slightly short. Good for ero or for wearing an underskirt with, through it works with tights and/or short legs as well. Slight damage to the hem (just requires tacking some lace back on where the threads broke).

Dusty pink JSK: 25USD
So many ruffles! Has shirred panel in the back, though the waist size is controlled by the waist ties, which are set to about a 24~25" waist. Buttons down the front. Worth more than 25USD, but the halter straps and the waist ties need a bit of help (thicker interfacing and some lining), so the price is discounted.

Sheet music dress (far left): 15USD
Unshirred. Buttons down the back. Has facings instead of bodice lining. Very lightweight. Has bustle back and is a bit short, so it's meant to be worn with an underskirt.

Cherry sundress: 35USD
Another personal favorite. Shirred panel in the back and elastic waist. Eyelet lace detailing at neckline and hem. Gathered overbust detail. Neck cross ties. Perfect dress for summer picnics!

Dusty pink floral OP: 20USD
Gorgeous classic dress, but showing some wear around the bodice. Victorian Maiden replica. Has shirred panel in back and elastic controlling the neckline and arms.

High-waisted off-white striped skirt: 30USD
Unshirred. Fits about a 23~24" waist. Waist has a bit of plastic boning to keep it smooth. Stripes are sewn down ribbon. Very elegant skirt.

Sailor blouse: 15USD.
Unshirred, will fit around a 32" bust and a 24" waist.

Sailor skirt: 30USD
Unshirred, will fit a 25" waist. Very full double circle skirt. This thing has incredible hem sweep. (I'm willing to negotiate a discount if both sailor items are bought together)

Blue rose print tea-length skirt: 15USD
Hits below the knee. Has elastic panel in the back.

Black rose JSK: 20USD
Fully shirred bodice and straps. Has handmade ribbon rosettes along the hem. Has a 1/2" tear near the bottom of the skirt.

Black bustle skirt: 20USD
Fully elastic waist. Has ruffles in the back to wear under a bustle-back dress.

Off-white classic JSK: 35USD
Shirred panel in the back. Sweetheart neckline. Has lace chevron detail on front of bodice. Dress was tea-dyed.

Eiffel Tower JSK: 40USD
Fits a bit larger in the bust than the other dresses. Eiffel Tower print is hand-stenciled and contains a bit of white glitter.

White sweet blouse: 25USD
Unshirred. Fits up to a 31" bust. Large puff sleeves and pintucked bib detailing.

Red polka-dotted OP: 30USD
Shirred panel in the back. Fits a bit larger than the others.

Black classic OP: 15USD
Admittedly a bit janky. Unshirred, fits a bit small. Has a back zipper.

EDIT: found a couple more that I'd be willing to part with. Putting them higher in the post because they're handmade like everything else up here.

Light pink ribbon rose sundress: 40USD
Unshirred. Has bow-like cutout in the back. Can probably fit up to a 33" bust and a 26" waist. Has pockets!!!

Pink organza dress: 25USD
Fully cotton lined. Ridiculously puffy. Has tiny bows on the shoulder straps. Shirred back panel. Probably better suited to something like fairy kei than lolita, but I've never been a fairy kei person so don't take my word for that. Really ridicuously puffy. I had to repeat that. The organza is stiff, so it makes it flare out rather far.

Anchor skirt: 25USD
Not strictly lolita, but I'd rather see this go to a good home than just end up on a Goodwill rack. Fully elastic waist. (The waistband is black and difficult to see in this image.) Hand stenciled anchors. Fully cotton lined. Incredibly full -- it's a rectangle skirt with a 4 yard sweep, which is REALLY HUGE. Let me repeat, it's REALLY FULL AND PUFFY. Looks amazing with lots of buoyant pettis under it.

Pink lace JSK: 45USD
elegant dress with vertical lace striping, lace along the princess seams, and matching ribbon detailing at the neck. Shirred back panel and straps. Neck cross ties. Slightly heavier fabric than the rest of these. Good quality. Should sell for more than this.

Bodyline items.

Heart chocolate sweet biscuit skirt: 20USD
Elastic panel in back. Fits up to 25" waist. comes with waist ties and detachable bow.

Red rose JSK: 30USD
Super elegant classic style. Has shirred panel in back and attached waist ties. This was the original release of the dress, before they made the lace and the print all wonky, so it's very nice materials. Standard Bodyline M sizing.

White blouse with detachable sleeves: 20USD
NWT. Worn once to try it on. I think they sent me the wrong item, since it's not my style, but I had the swine flu when this arrived, so idk. Not the highest quality materials. Standard M sizing, and far too large for myself.

Thrifted white skirt: 10USD
It has lots of ruffles and lace. Fits up to a 25" waist.

Shoes are all 23.5 cm

Red Bodyline shoes: 20USD
Lightly worn. Comes with shoe clips. (I'll dig the other one out later-- if I can't find it, I'll knock $5 off the price.)

White Bodyline shoes: 10USD
Scuffed fairly heavily, hence the discounted price.

White An*tai*na Tea Party replicas: 20USD
Showing slight wear, but generally good condition

Some of these items have matching bows that I can give you if you ask. Also, I might still have some matching fabric for a few of them, so ask on that if you would like some, as well.

Contact me here or email me at fabrickind [at] gmail if you are interested, and we can work something out.

I hope these items can go to a good home! I've spent a lot of time on these over the years, and want to see them go somewhere they can be loved. :]
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