Looking for someone to commission my costume

Started by MonadoLink, December 04, 2015, 11:59:57 AM

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I was looking for commissioners online, but it seemed that all the posts were rather old. I am planning on trying a new cosplay this year, and can send measurements to anyone who wants to take on the job. For details please contact me by gmail : ezlo28469


It usually helps to at least say what character you are interested in. That way people can judge if it's the sort of thing that is within their wheelhouse. Also, I think technically these types of requests should go under the "Incredible Stuff I can Make" board because it also is about asking people to make things for you (I know, not super clear).
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if you're still looking for someone i have commissions open, feel free to check out my site and send me a form! http://mrstitchezcommissionz.weebly.com/