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Started by lordleo, February 25, 2016, 09:04:52 PM

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Thank you :)

Looking for a room

My name is Lori.  This is going to be my second time at Fanime but first time for whole weekend.  Looking for a room for both my twin sister and I.  We're both 19 years old and live in the Bay area.  We're both quiet, clean, responsible, and very respectful to people.  We're huge fans of anime and some of our favorite anime are Owari no Seraph, K Project, Fairy Tail, Akuma no Riddle and non stop list.  We're both going to cosplay so we're going to have at least two bags and some props per twin. 

Hotel: Any hotel is fine. 

Cost: I don't mind paying whatever the cost it is.  I'm paying both may sister and I.  I can pay upfront. It will be best if it's $100-$200 for both of us but if it's a little more, I don't mind work it out.

Requirements: Clean.  Maybe at least one key for changing cosplay due to a cosplay emergency.  A bed and we don't mind sleeping on one bed.  Rather have to live with female roommate(s), but if there's a guy(s) I'm cool with that too.

Miscellaneous: Might bring snacks.  I don't mind sharing since I'm a kind person.  :)  Also bring my Kindle and sketchbook

Contact info:  I prefer text or email.  My cell: 415-535-5917
My email: [email protected]. But you can also message me through the forum too:) I'm quick when it comes to responding messages


room full.

Need a roommate.

Name: Glitch
Hotel: Hilton, two beds
Cost: $100, pay when we first meet.
When: Friday to Monday
Other stuff: Heya! I am looking for one person to fill our last spot. All of us together will be four people in the room. Somebody who will behave themselves, not make a mess, and not reek a foul smell during their stay. My room is a relaxing area where you can come back and recover(not a party room, sorry. ^_^; ). You can come back as late as you want(I stay out late too) as long as you don't make a lot of noise. As for beds, you'll either have to share the bed, or take turns on who gets the bed each night.
I am actually a friendly person who likes a good laugh, but I wanted to get the strict stuff out of the way first.  ;) I'm also willing to share some of my food.
As for who I am, I'm the host of The Comedy Club at Fanime and I am doing press work at Fanime.

If you are interested, send me an email at [email protected] ,and put the word "roommate" in the subject line. Hope to see you at Fanime!


Roommate Wanteded
Hotel: Marriot, two beds

Cost:$140 per person

When: Friday to Monday

Requirements:Accepting the most 2 people. Must be ok with guys and girls in the room, be ok with sharing bed if someone decides to sleep during the day or nap. Needs to be clean and not loud. Be ok with people coming in and out of the room late at night or early in the morning. If you are cosplaying you will be given a room key, otherwise no key. respectful of peoples belonging.

Contact: prefer text 831-383-4341 you can message me on here though reply will be slow

sorry room full


Nothing to see here!


Room Found!  ;D
IG kouhai_dawn


Quote from: sebbyy on May 17, 2016, 12:16:14 AM
*Entire room available at the Saint Claire / Westin hotel*
Serious individuals only, please.

I am looking for a party of preferably four (or more) responsible people to occupy a room at the Westin Hotel.
Ideally, I would like the group of people to all know one another to avoid any added stress or discomfort.
(For example, a group of friends traveling to the convention together, that want to stay together.)

The reason for my offer is that my own personal group of four is staying at the Hyatt-
& we simply want to provide space for another party of friends because, it is fair to say, that the hotel bookings were massacred this year yet again.
But, luck was on our side & we ended up with two rooms.

The room itself includes one queen size bed & is located directly across the street from the convention center.

Check in date - 5/27/2016, Friday at 3pm.
Check out date - 5/30/2016, Monday at 12pm.

The total cost of the room is $402.67, resulting in $100.00 per person to ensure an even split in cost.
But depending on the size of your group, each additional person would be an extra $100.00

*All individuals must please...
- Be 18 years or older.
- Be respectful, clean & courteous. (& friendly.)
- Avoid bringing hoards of people into the room.
- Avoid starting parties, avoid smoking, drinking heavily OR using / handling drugs inside the room.

Further preferences are subject to change or will be added at any time.

Cosplay, & cosplay props are welcome, along with anything else you feel comfortable in bringing.
So long as the rules above are respected, there should not be any problems!

If you are interested, you may contact me at [email protected]
I am open to any & all discussions regarding the room. c:

Sent you an e-mail, I'm seriously interested!

EDIT: Nevermind, managed to get a Marriott room just now. Best of luck, hope you find someone for your room soon!


Edit: I'm all set. Thanks!


Available space for one more at the Westin!~

Located right across the street from the convention center;
Check in - Friday @ 3pm
Check out - Monday @ 12pm

I am in search of one more responsible, friendly & RESPECTFUL individual to occupy the last spot in my spare room!
Room total will equal just about 400$ - So figure 100$ per spot.
I am not sure about collateral pay? If anyone maybe knows about that policy, let me know.

Myself along with my own group will be staying at the Hyatt.
(I am simply keeping our Westin room for the valet parking...
as the Hyatt only has public.)

But the room will solely be occupied by four approved & trustworthy people.
No more, & no less.

21 years + preferred, cosplay friendly, no gender preference-
so long as you're courteous to those around you!

Message here, or email me for details / questions, I am happy to answer!


Two of my roommates dropped last minute, so I'd love to take in two people still looking for a room!

Here's the details:

- My room is at the Marriott, so it's connected to the convention center! Super convenient!

- Two floor spaces available. You are welcome to bring an air mattress or floor pad to make yourself comfy! I have the room Thursday night through Sunday night (check out on Monday). $110 per person. I can take either cash, Paypal, or credit card (via Square reader). If you can pay before the con, that would be awesome/helpful, but otherwise payment on Thursday is fine. There will be six people in the room total including these two spaces.

- No gender preference, as long as you're friendly and respectful it's all good! This is not a party room--no smoking, drugs, bringing in random people, being really loud late at night, being super messy, etc.

- My friends and I are long-time convention attendees. We're in our mid- to late-20s. I've been going to Fanime every year since 2004. My friends and I are big Pokémon fans, so if you're into Pokémon as well that's a plus~ Cosplayers are also welcome, as long as you don't have a boatload of stuff, haha.

Please e-mail me ASAP if you're interested! [email protected]

Looks like both spots are filled for now! I'll post again if anything changes. :)


Had two people drop last minute, so up to two floor spots available at Ramada hotel, less than a block away from the video rooms/swap meet side of the convention hall. If both spots fill there will be 4 people total.

Room is booked from 3pm Thursday to noon Monday. $110 per person, due upon arrival.

Each person should be able to get a room key (I called hotel they said 4 is ok), hotel provides free breakfast, an outdoor pool,  small fridge, and microwave.
Currently 2 occupants, 1 male and 1 female (not a couple), mid 20's. No gender preference for roommates. Roommates must be 21+. LGBT+ Friendly.
Basic courtesy rules; be respectful of others and their property, be reasonably tidy, be quiet when people are sleeping, room is strictly no smoking. Not a party room, please dont bring others over.

Room is small so there wont be a ton of space, if both spots are filled, so if you know you are going to need a lot of room for luggage, this might not be a good room for you.

Both spots taken


Need a room

Introduction: Hi friends! My name is Shanaaz! I'm 21 years old, I go to UC Berkeley, and this will be my 5th year attending the con! I am clean, respectable of other people's space. and I love to meet new people. I decided last minute that I wanted to spend the night, and I am more than happy to take up floor space.
Here is my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shanaaz.deo?fref=ts

Hotel Information: I'm looking for a room within walking distance, preferably the Fairmont (but willing to stay in any nearby hotel). I need a room for sure on Friday 5/27/16. I would like a room on Saturday, 5/28/16 as well but it is not a must.

Requirements: Just a clean room :)

Contact: PM or email me!


Looking for a room
hey guys! sixth year attending and hotel rooms didn't work out for me this year and
in need of a last minute place to stay because i'm from LA!
I'm super laid back and can work with what you've got going!
shoot me a pm and lets have an awesome time!