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Hello, I noticed every year that the Fanime weekend starts sort of abruptly and Fanime staff does not formally welcome its guests. I thought to myself, it would be so cool if we had some sort of parade or formal introduction welcoming on Day 1 (Friday) at like 3-5 PM.

What it would look like is to have all the attendees and cosplayers line up to the left and right, and split right down the middle is a red carpet or something, and walking down the red carpet can be special guests, staff, and Fanime emcee's on a microphone warmly welcoming everyone. With classical Final Fantasy music in the background, it would really unite us all in a geeky but fun way. Music like the Final Fantasy Main Theme would really hit our heart strings! (Link: )

Just a suggestion, but it would be so cool imo if we had something like that.
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You could always go to the opening ceremony on Day 1. It is along those lines.

I've been going for 15 years (or is it 16, I forget) and I've only gone once.
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We have opening ceremonies starting around 1PM on the first day of con at Stage Zero.
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