D. Gray Man Panel 16+ All characters welcome!

Started by Shinnnn, September 30, 2016, 05:50:38 PM

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I may or may not hold a D. Gray man panel! I am cosplaying allen walker in his entire outfit even his crown clown! If ANYONE plans to cosplay from it at Fanime that'd be awesome! If I can get at least over 5 characters (including Noah and akuma) I will definitely have this done.


I've fallen off of the D. Gray Man train awhile ago, but considering the new series this is probably pretty viable.


I would love to attend this, if it goes.
Though I cant be on the panel, since I doubt I can pull off playing any character but Allen, lol...
(Try to see if you can not have it scheduled it near the same time as Cosplay chess! Last year I had to miss a panel I really wanted to see because I am a piece for cosplay chess ...)