Fire Emblem Gathering??

Started by LordDawn, January 13, 2017, 03:13:13 AM

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Im not particularly interested in running a Fire Emblem Gathering, but Im interested in attending one as well as wondering if anyone else will be doing a Fire Emblem cosplay (I'm contemplating doing either Hana or Hinoka from fates: Birthright). If others are interested in attending, but not necessarily running, I'd be willing to I would just prefer not to if possible (cause school n work n stuffs)
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Hello! My friend and I will also be doing Fire Emblem cosplays (Velouria and Selkie), so we would be interested in this gathering if it does happen!


Hey there! I've been the host of the FE gathering for at least three years (this year will be fourth). I'm trying to update the thread now since many new FE games have been announced just today.

If you need an idea of how this gathering works, you can take a look at the older 2016 thread -,19923.0.html

Thank you for your patience!

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