Unofficial Homestuck Meetup 2017

Started by draxLfly2, January 23, 2017, 10:45:51 PM

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Hellooooooo everybody~! So last official meetup or even con was a bit... interesting. Everyone was calling it Dramacon2k16 and such so this year, instead of asking for suggestions during the unofficial meetup, I will be asking it here and the biggest issue last year was if there are going to be incestships and pedo ships. Well I will address them immediately:

Pedo ships are no longer a thing (technically) since they all are of age, but I will still hold the original rules: No shipping pictures of Dad EgbertxJohn but you can still get photos with the both of them during a section I will be calling out, "family photo time". they are allowed cheek kissing (which I have yet to see any pedoships do this or rather pedoships in general in the fandom but it doesn't hurt to cover these things) but no fondling and such. Just keep it under 18+ okay guys?

The rules described above also apply to the "incestships".

If you have any problems, suggestions about the rules, or concerns, feel free to comment below.

Now onto when and where it will happen: As by tradition, we hold it after the official homestuck meetup which is usually on Sunday at 5 pm, but if it changed this year, then just keep in mind it will be after the official meetup, which should be at the park as usual.

if you made it this far then congratulations! you might have earned yourself a bagel from Tavros (my friend might be giving away bagels)! anyway, yes yes, surprise surprise I never actually left the fandom because I wanted to do something special when I left.
You see, last year, I, along with my friends, were going to have a panel and at the last 10-15 minutes, we were going to play live with instruments, Heir of Grief. That was how I was going to leave the fandom. So now, this year, after everything has settled down and if I can afford to buy myself a portable amp, I will play the song.
Besides that little bonus, I have a little surprise for you all, but I will be leaving that for another day.

So I will repeat: if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, please let me know and I will keep each one in mind.