Suggestion: Cosplay Life Drawing

Started by dancing_kitty, August 23, 2017, 09:15:53 PM

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For cosplayers with free time, artists who want to draw, and photographers who want something better than a hallway photo but not a photo shoot.


Bringing this thread back from the dead, I think it's a great idea! It sounds super fun. ;D

My only question would be the logistics. Would it be like a panel, or a revolving door activity where participants can come and go?
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I haven't been to the particular event so I'm not sure how it works, but I know ALA has cosplay life drawing sessions. If I remember what a friend who went to one described, it basically is a room where you can go in and out and there's models there to draw who are constantly cycling through poses.

I'm a former art model myself, so I imagine something like this would work like most art modeling sessions I've done: Models would work in 20 minute blocks of time with 5 minute breaks between, and models would do different lengths of poses throughout the session (gesture poses, 5 minute poses, 10 minute poses, 20 minute and long poses done for multiple 20 minute sessions). I'd imagine if there were multiple models, there would be one model doing shorter poses, one doing longer poses, one in a long pose for the duration of the session, etc., and that artists could come and go as they please and go between the models to draw who they like. Most of my art modeling sessions were 3 hours total, so the event could be a few hours, or it could be a longer event with models coming and going.

Even with fully clothed models I'd still recommend a no photography policy in the life drawing room for privacy reasons. When I was modeling there were strict no photography policies because...well, I was unclothed, but even so, some of those poses are weird and unflattering from some angles and I'd hate for people to take creep shots of the models, especially if there end up being any wardrobe malfunctions. It's more a respect thing than anything, and you want the models to feel safe (also, modeling for photography tends to pay a LOT more than for drawing haha).

I wouldn't want to head this event up myself, but I'd be happy to help out with the logistics if anyone IS willing to head this up. I have experience in the field, so I'd be glad to lend that expertise!