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Started by StevenSavage, October 01, 2017, 07:47:22 PM

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I was part of a self-publishing group that spoke at Fanime 2017 about, well, self-publishing.  We've been moving forward, speaking elsewhere, developing a written guide, and more.  So I'd like to see what folks would like to have the crew talk about in 2018!  A few thoughts:

PUBLISHING DETAILS - Forget writing or what software, the hard details on publishing, formatting, distribution.
MARKETING - All the marketing and promotional tricks and techniques people can try.
COVER ART - This is a CONSTANT area of discussion and has been big at various incarnations of this panel, so why not a whole presentation on it.
WRITING TECHNIQUES - Writing that novel on TIME and WELL.
AUTHOR PLATFORMS - Setting up websites, mailing lists, and more.

So, self-pub enthusiasts and hopefuls, what do you want to see?


This looks great already! Maybe a section about being wary of scams or something along those lines, what companies to avoid and how to protect yourself and your work? I'd love to attend this panel! Can't wait to see it~
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The areas that sound most interesting are the marketing and platform building. It's so easy to write something, and even easier to publish, but once that's done, how does a non-business savvy writer type manage to effectively promote that work?

I'm looking forward to checking out your group's panels in '18!


Thanks for both responses - Pharoah, sorry I didn't respond sooner.

We've started "baking" scams into our general talks.  But Marketing and platform building sound good.

Maybe a two parter - general self-publishing and marketing/platform building.