Fanime 2018 Roommate Thread

Started by KyraEnsui, January 21, 2018, 01:39:44 AM

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everything changes!
have a great time at Fanime.

Silent Vengeance

Edit: currently transferring the room over :)
Shinichigo Shiro (Danganronpa)


Hi everyone,
My name is Michael and I am 25. This will be my eighth year at Fanime. I am looking to share a room from thursday to monday.

1) I am not going to be either drinking or doing any drugs. But I am over 21 and I have no problem if you are planning on doing so.
2) I am planning on taking a shower every day and following the other rules of basic hygiene.
3) Although I would prefer both a key and a bed, I am fine without either.
4) Will abide by any reasonable restrictions.

Contact: Send me a email at [email protected] or via PM.
E: Still looking. :(

E2: Found a room.


No longer needed
My name is Sara and I am looking for a room. I'm 25/F and this is my first year at Fanime. I'm from Pittsburgh (Tekkoshocon) and this is my first time ever traveling to California. My trip was planned months ago but lodging fell through.

I'm flying into Oakland on Saturday and will be staying through Wednesday, but for convention purposes I will just need Sat-Mon. I'm mainly going for the Joe Hisaishi concert on Sunday and was supposed to sight-see with my friend the rest of the time.

I'm super chill, considerate of others, and keep to myself. I don't smoke. Basically just looking for somewhere to sleep. I'll even sleep on the floor. (I've had a room packed with 7 people one year for Otakon so I understand.)

I don't have a lot of money since I was supposed to stay with my friend. I can spend maybe $50. Any help would be appreciated.

You can email me at havocplz @ or find me on Twitter/tumblr/instagram @blackehavoc



Facebook: Brooklyn Parcel Twitter: umaikaze (both you can contact me at)
+ Hotel Information: Fairmont Thursday-Monday
+ Costs: $200
+ Requirements: no smoking, drinking is okay
+ Contact: email, fb, Twitter or forums


Hi my name is Travis Loomis I am 20 years old and I am looking for a roommate!
This will be my second year going to FanimeCon! I am a very easy going person and love to meet up with new people and get to know them for who they are!
I am happy to help pitch in money for the room and the drive back and forth to the convention!!! (if we take an uber or something similar). I do not mind if I have even sleep on the floor! that makes it more adventurous!! Overall I am a positive guy who is willing to help anyway I can and hope we can have a fun time together. If you would like any other information I am more than happy to help!!!
If you want to message me via email, my email is [email protected]
If you want to contact me via messenger here is a link (woooooah!!) ----->
Instagram?? sure I got that too (might as well plug it) ---->


Hello, my name is Chad and I'm in DIRE need of a room for the first couple nights of the con (Thursday-Friday).

I've been going to Fanime for 7 years (09, 11-15, and 17), so I know how to handle myself. I can be very considerate and will take responsibility for my own actions. My only conditions are that we mutually respect eachother's possessions and valuables.

I have no real preferences with who I'm rooming with (especially considering how close it is to day 0 at the time i'm posting thing), just as long as the hotel is within walking distance from the con at best.

Contact me via PMs, DMs, or on my phone at (415)602-1243 so we can talk about the details.

EDIT: Nvm, Found a room


Hello my name is Aaron and I'm looking for anyone that has a room they no longer need. I am willing to tip you money if you provide me and my friends with a room. There will be 3 of us, so if its just you and maybe one other person I am willing to have us all just share the room, although we can just take the room off of your hands if you no longer need it. If this sounds like you please contact me at

[email protected]


Found one

Looking for a room!

26 years old male. Not weird. Will make you laugh. Will be driving my car to the hotel.

Been to Fanime 5 times in the last 8 years.

Feel free to hit up my G.mail with any questions at (removed) without the parentheses (trying to bypass spam bot crawlers) or you can message me on Facebook. Name is (removed)


Hey everyone! My name is Tony, and due to a change in plans super last minute, I have found a way to go to Fanime and am in need of crash space..ah hell, corner/floor space for tonight (Friday) and Saturday night. (yep, SUPER last minute haha)

I've been going to Fanime foreeever. It's my second-longest convention attended, behind AX. I'm very respectful of myself and everyone, and I'm always willing to help out anyone. I can even front the funds (Venmo or cash on arrival) because I also know what it's like to cover hotel costs, as I also used to host rooms before. I keep my space clean and organized so that nobody trips/falls over my stuff, ,and I ask that you do the same too! Everyone respect everyone :)

I don't have any preferences on roomies, just as long as everyone is friendly. Walking distance to con is a plus, but is not mandatory, as I'll have my car (driving up from LA). Could also give rides to con if needed.

You can contact me via PM or call/text (562) 448-6985 to go over more details or if you want to get to know me more.

EDIT: found a room!

Thanks! -Tony