Fanfic Workshop 2018- Times/locations posted!

Started by Firefury Amahira, May 22, 2018, 11:16:15 AM

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Firefury Amahira

Just realized that here we are just a couple days out from go time, and I still hadn't got our panel info posted! Without further ado...

Fanfic 101: FRIDAY, 4PM - PANELS 3- Curious about fanfiction? Already writing and want to further polish your creative efforts? Looking to start? Fanfic 101 as the title implies covers basics such as organizing your plot, writing perspectives, different types of scenes, avoiding writers' block, a brief overview of fanfic-specific subgenres and an introduction to fanfiction-specific jargon. We also discuss in brief the legal ramifications of fanfiction and tips for publishing online. Questions and commentary are welcome!

Fanfic 201: SATURDAY, 4PM - PANELS 4- This panel focuses entirely on characters. Good guys, bad guys, comic relief, background characters, the cast of a fanfic can be a lot of work! What's a Mary Sue and why do people hate her? How can you handle developing characters and their relationships? How about developing the existing characters beyond how they were in the source material? This panel is generally meant for writers who already have some practice under their belt, but also useful for beginners looking for more specific information. Questions and commentary are welcome!

Fanfic 369: SUNDAY, 8PM - PANELS 3 - 18+ ONLY- The "How to write sex" panel. This advanced panel discusses how to write erotica in fanfiction. This includes a brief lecture and powerpoint presentation with anatomical drawings detailing sexual anatomy and response, how to apply it to realistic erotica, suggestions on how to apply it to unrealistic erotica (tentacles!), and common sexual myths. Also covered are some narrative techniques for writing erotic scenes, such as the impact of language choice, in addition to some basics about incorporating fetish material into the story. Obviously, this is not a panel for children or the easily offended, given it involves some extremely frank discussion of anatomy, sex, kinks, and the occasionally extremely immature crude joke. Questions/commentary are welcome at the end of the presentation!

Fanfic 120: MONDAY, 10AM - PANELS 4- Catch-all "Open Lab" discussion for various topics that don't quite fit into the other panels. A very informal chance to go over tidbits such as fanfic titles and summaries, linguistic oddities, how best to deal with reader feedback, and other writing-related miscellany. This panel is also a chance to go over and go more in-depth on topics from the 101 and 201 panels if there's an interest. Questions and commentary are especially welcome at this one!

We've also got our Fanfic Writing Guide (v3.1) that will be handed out to anyone who wants it at the panels, and for the adults the Adult Fanfic Guide (v2.0) will be available at Fanfic 369 as well.
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