Too many Personal Questions a staff member.

Started by DeadMasterDubstep, January 21, 2019, 12:24:03 AM

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So i just want to get this off my chest about Last year for Fanime. 2018 was my first year as staff and i had a great time but there was this one particular staff member i had to work with at Panels and he really was very nosy about personal questions about being Transgender and asking him to make him like a girl because i cosplay female characters even though im male. I tell him "its up to you to decide what you want" but he kept rambling and rambling and it gotten to the point were my anxiety was really high and i broke down in tears. I wasnt sad but having tears roll down my eyes means i was really uncomfortable. Im very socially Awkward so i cant really keep long conversations going, I can be a nice person but being a friend takes time and i respect people privacy if i want to know them. This person should have done it. Just wanna say if you want to talk, do it after the job is over, because im here to have fun and make good friends with people, thank you <3

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Sounds like a pretty uncomfortable experience.  I tend not to ask those types of questions, and figure if someone wants me to know, they'll tell me.  If you are staff again, perhaps put in a request not to be paired with this individual.  It doesn't seem like he had malicious intent but it does seem he was a bit too forward and inconsiderate of boundaries.
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