Daughter under 2 showing up later than us in the weekend question.

Started by CosplayDevotee, January 27, 2019, 08:39:15 AM

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For any of you out there that have brought children to Fanime as a free registered attendee, I have a quick question for you? (Any input from those without kids would be welcome too of course.)

My husband and I will be picking up our badges on day zero as we enjoy getting to the convention as early as possible, but our daughter will not be with us until the following day. It states on our pre-registration information that the child must be present during badge pick up, which I completely understand, but it won't be possible until Friday. So my question is, if we grab just our badges on Thursday and then show up with her and wait in the pre-registered line on Friday, would they allow us to get her badge? I'm concerned they will see that we picked my badge up already and won't allow us to get my daughter's on the next day. Any input would be very appreciated!


I believe with a child you can head straight to the special registration line when she shows up with you. I recommend emailing [email protected] to confirm! :)