Video technical issues

Started by OldOtaku, May 28, 2019, 09:53:48 AM

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I greatly enjoyed the con, but there were recurring technical issues with videos, affecting most of the videos I watched. Let's start with some examples. For The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, the technician tried to call it up but got an error message that it required access to premium content. She/he went to the streaming account, which said there was already access to premium content. This process was repeated many times for at least 20 minutes, after which I walked out because either the end would be cut off (which apparently was the case for the Love Live movie) or I would miss the start of the next item on my schedule. There was also a significant delay for Gotobun no Hanayome. Why? The tech couldn't find it, because he/she was searching under the Japanese name, but the streaming service listed it only under the English name, Quintessential Quintuplets. ReLIFE started OK, but the tech selected the final episodes, rather than the first. Alice and Zoroku got off to a late start because the tech was streaming episode 6 of Knight's Magic rather than starting Alice. There were several more glitches, but you get the idea. Somewhere along the line, one of the techs figured out that the cache and other items had to be cleared before the streaming service would work properly. There were also some issues with sound levels, and in many cases, the techs had to go with English dub because they could not make Japanese with subtitles (seemingly preferred by the vast majority of the audience) work.

I can't help feeling that all this could have been avoided, and it would have been a much smoother experience, if the tech team had practiced queuing up all the videos beforehand. Most of these kinks could probably have been identified and worked out. Certainly, the experience with Gotobun no Hanayome is evidence that this was not done.

I love this con, and look forward to coming back to it for many years. Please take these comments not as complaints, but an effort to help you make it better.


Regarding ReLife, they did show the correct episodes. The program scheduled indicated that they would be screenings the OVAs, which are the last episodes.


Thanks! I had missed that point.