Can you tell me a little bit more about FanimeCon??

Started by CarsonGrey, May 15, 2020, 12:37:48 AM

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Even though I've lived in San Jose for most of my life, I've never been to a FanimeCon. I'm maybe interested in going this year, but I want some more information first.

I'm not a hardcore otaku / anime fan, though Speed Test  Solitaire  essay writer I have watched some series in the past and enjoyed them. I do like a lot of geeky things (e.g. video games, movies, comics, board / card games). Will I still be able to enjoy myself?

How crazy are the crowds? Is it hard to find parking?

Any other tips or tricks for a first-timer?

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FanimeCon is canceled this year because of Covid-19, but should be held as normal next year

Anime is certainly the focus, but other genres and mediums certainly do have their representation here. Plenty of cosplayers in costumes other then anime characters. Panels can range from a whole host of different topics beyond anime, including presidential campaigns for eldritch horrors.

The crowd can get pretty dense, but I don't think extremely so. In the Concenter crowd movement is fairly well managed by staff.
Parking is about as bad as you can expect it to be in downtown San Jose. You can certainly find some if you arrive early, but otherwise, it may be a bit difficult, and regardless a bit expensive. Unless you are planning to get a hotel room (which I do despite being a local, but being your first time may be a bit much), using the transit system is probably advisable.

Beyond that, the event is open all 24 hours of a day from Friday to Sunday, as well as Monday Morning and Thursday Night for preregers. Be prepared with cash on hand for the local restaurants which will be a bit more expensive than average do to being in downtown, or bring some food of your own (I would also advise against utilizing the food courts in the convention center itself unless the price is no object or you are trying out one of the specialty stands in the dealer's hall). While most of the stuff in the dealer's hall is anime related, a very near sizeable chunk of it is Video Game merchandise, and certainly, almost any nerdy pursuit is represented in some fashion, so if you are interested in that be prepared to have a way to store anything you purchase (I believe there are lockers somewhere around the convention center for such purposes) In that regard, also be sure to check out the Swap Meet Thurs/Fri night. It is a good place to potentially find some old and rare stuff.
Also, be prepared for the general weirdness you will experience. A lot of attendees are quite flamboyant and energetic and tend to be doing weird stuff often enough.

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