Mildly Personal Stuff - A weekly walk to the Convention Center

Started by FilthyRevenant, October 12, 2020, 04:15:20 PM

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Hello, everyone. I'm just a community college sophomore thinking about hope and other future events to come. Yesterday, I walked to the convention center, where Fanime is held at every year, from an apartment near San Jose State University. Supposedly, I wanted to tour around there last year, when I was a freshman, like any other convention goer, but the pandemic interrupted it and the Fanime staff had to postpone it until the end of May 2021. Right now, I plan to walk there every Sunday, wishing for the event to arrive, despite the odds stacking against everyone. That's all I have to say for now; stay healthy, everyone!

32 Weeks Remaining for FanimeCon to Arrive.


If I lived closer, I'd probably do the same thing, staring at the building longingly, missing my annual tradition.  *big sigh*
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Forgot to clarify something, this is just something that's mildly personal to share on my behalf. Have there been such incidents must I be aware of?


Hello. I also study at the University of San Jose State University. Therefore, I will look forward to the launch of the event this year. I have a lot of college writers here looking forward to the official announcement. It is a pity that this cannot be done in a distance format, such as with education.