The Cocky Bastard Challenge

Started by Robo-tech, September 21, 2022, 09:49:14 PM

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An idea for a live gaming event: Someone fancies themselves as the best at some obscure or otherwise forgotten game, like Jordan v. Bird One on One for NES, and they want to prove it.

After vetting their intent and abilities, the would-be champion puts up X amount of money (say, $50). Challengers sign up and offer up a small amount (say, $5).

If the champion defeats all the challengers in a set amount of time (X number of challengers or Y amount of time), then the champion walks with their seed money plus the collected pot. If a challenger defeats the champion per the rules of the match (best of 3, 5m time limit, Fox-only, Final Destination, whatever), then the challenger walks with the collected pot plus the champion's seed money.

Naturally, everyone would be rooting for the challenger, and the champion can play up the crowd by being a massive heel.

I have no idea whether this would run against rules against gambling, but since it is a match between consenting adults, and the prize amount is relatively small, this could be done with little to no cost to Fanimecon in terms of prize money or licensing. The champion and Gaming staff would simply have to work out the game, the match details, and the equipment and space.
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