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Started by Hazel Chaz, October 11, 2005, 06:45:55 PM

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Quote from: "Captaine Kit"I like the quoting of people whose post immediately preceded yours.
The dumbness of court, got-nuffin-to-do-widdit comments seems dwarfed compared to this phenomenon :b

It's better than the confusion of whether or not you're refering to the previous post or a post that's a little further back.  I've seen flame wars start because people were actually refering to something else when they wrote their thoughts down.
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Ah, a crash room for everyone? I love the idea. During this year when I was volunteering for the Logistics crew we had a crash room with munchies and stuff. The only thing was that I felt that there was an overload of sugar >< I got addicted to those flat red candy thingys that looked like candied pho XD. Yummy.

I wouldn't mind donating to the room if we could pull it off. I'd bring like some chips or candy in bulk =D
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perhaps even the water could be foregone, since it was readily available all over the con.


This really sounds like a good idea to me.

It's actually become a big problem for our group to try to bring food at all times... and, of course, cosplaying and bags don't go together well. At last year's con in SF, my friend actually crashed from a lack of sugar and had to into the "staff room" to see the "con doctor" since we couldn't find any place to get snacks for awhile. ><;

I think this would defininately help prevent con crashing.

Hazel Chaz

I'll have water and snacks at the San Jose Marriott in the Anime Los Angeles Hospitality Room during the con on Saturday and Sunday. I'll post another message with the room number.

Anime Los Angeles 7 -
A fun, fan-friendly little convention. 7-9 Jan 2011

Hazel Chaz

Checked in last night. Our room is 522 in the Marriott, I'm heading up to open up the room now. Bottled water, bread, chocolate, fruit, and so forth.

Anime Los Angeles 7 -
A fun, fan-friendly little convention. 7-9 Jan 2011