Tenjho Tenge Gathering!

Started by Youko_Kurama, May 10, 2006, 01:26:41 PM

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I have already set up the gathering. I just want more people to join my group. so Please join us. Here is the info:

Day: Sat
Time: 11:30
Meeting Place: 1st Floor Convention Lobby
Location:Fountains In Front (by convention doors)

Character list:
Aya Natsume: Me
Maya Natsume:
Little Maya Natsume: Sister
Nagi Souichiro: Videogamefanboy
Masataka Takayanagi: friend
Bob Makihara:
Chiaki Kounoike:
Mitsuomi Takayanagi:
Bunshichi Tawara:
Emi Isuzu:
Shin Natsume:
Mana: Fire Hiei

And many more characters then I care to list.

I hope that I can at least have the main group for the gathering. I am still missing a Bob and older Maya. PLEASE JOIN!
Costumes for Fanime o6:
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