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Started by uBerLyNuMB, May 28, 2006, 03:04:19 PM

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Err so what would you be able to do if the contacts you buy infect your eye or something? Would refunds be available? :wink:
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You would be best off by asking the vendor from whom you purchsed the lenses from.

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They had some freaky-deaky lenses...
I figure that's pretty cool though. You can wear them on the inside of your glasses and give some people a weird scare. Apparently no one wears contacts and glasses at the same time?


Or contacts over contacts? Kinda difficult for us blind people out there. x.x

If you want to be that serious about your cosplay, that's awesome and I respect you for it. But I guess everything has it's risks. Checking with the vendor wouldn't be such a bad idea.
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Question for people concerning the contacts vendor..

I thought by law, in the state of CA, anyone purchasing contacts even without a perscription, have to have proof of an official eye examine to present the company before they can get them....?
Or is that just for 'prescribed' contacts?
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those are only for perscriptions =]

btw does anyone know their email or website i want to buy some when i have enough money and i don't wanna wait for Fanime 2007 xD
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do you guys knoe the website for the contact lenses? that was at the dealers room?
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Found link at cosplay underground


I heard that they recently changed the law so that you MUST have a current prescription to buy any contact lenses online, powered (prescription) or not.


the dealers room in 2006 sell basic the same thing!!alll bleach or naruto stuffed animal...the favorite area is the cd area..they sell very goog lareine cds....