Flame of Recca.

Started by -zoxan-, October 08, 2006, 04:34:36 PM

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Currently downloading.

Comments and other stuff on the series greatly appreciated.


Someone buy me a PuchiPuchi Prease~


My memory of this series is fuzzy but IIRC I found this series interesting until it got to that tournament arc.  I didn't like the ending either. Nanka Shiawase was catchy though. :P
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i feel so loved!


Holy Smokes, someone posted!

I downloaded like 94% of it. Let's see how it is, lawlz.

Someone buy me a PuchiPuchi Prease~


I got an english dubbed demo disk of it from a newtypeUSA magazine...and I really think the english dub KILLED it...so if you are gonna watch it, do it right.  8)


I watched the Anime and read a little bit of the Manga and I'd have to admit the Manga is better in comparision. In un general regarding the Anime, it was alright.
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I read the manga.. this series seriously bored me and almost made me hate ninjas :(

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