Welcome to the new Forum Games sub-forum

Started by sysadmin, March 22, 2007, 11:05:07 AM

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Welcome to the new Forum Games sub-forum.

You may play games in this sub-forum.  I would appreciate it if you didn't play games elsewhere.  

Games are loosely defined as the "not pure discussion threads".
This includes the "say something about the last poster", "three word story" and other stuff like that.  This probably doesn't include "Post your Favorite" and its other variants.

I have set a 14-day auto prune.  I may increase this time to a larger number, but it will not be infinite.  If you want to save something permanently, please consider archiving it yourself.

If you have any questions about the forum, please post in the separate "forums.fanime.com" section.

- sysadmin