FanimeCon 2007 General Comments and Criticisms Thread.

Started by RyuHayabusa, May 28, 2007, 06:28:35 PM

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the GOOD:
1) Masquerade --->  begin ON TIME - end ON TIME == amazing!
2) info desk ---> nice, helpful staffers (the very comprehensive food guide was a good idea)

3) schedules ---> very readable  :wink:


the BAD:
1) The Starbucks messed up on my frappuccino. The mixture was way off, too sweet. (yeah i know that's not Fanime's fault)

2) Program guide *sad* (mentioned already)


Quote from: "Barnes"
Quote from: "LordKefka"Some guy stood next to the machine tech guy and asked what games they were having. The tech guy said MvC2 etc etc  and that guy said no one plays MvC2 so Melty Blood would have been a better replacement. The tech guy took MvC2 out and there goes the party..

"No one plays Marvel"?

I silently cried when I found out....*cough*... yeah... silently...
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Quote from: "Otakuya"-swap meet every day and no "registration"/signup stuff

The reason why we can't do this has to do with the Dealers. They won't put up with it. We have been able to get away with Thursday & Friday swap meets, but we are not allowed to have them on Saturday or Sunday, sorry :(  (it's not that we don't want to! we also made money this weekend selling our stuff...)

Thursday will NEVER have a pre-reg, it will always be open for sellers.

Friday it is easier to pre-reg because we can only accomodate a limited number of sellers, and every single year we get people who hauled all their stuff from [insert remote location here] that don't get in because we filled the space with someone earlier in the line who has 500 VHS tapes that no one wants for sale. The idea of pre-reg is that you will KNOW that you have a spot so when you drag your stuff from [insert remote location here] you will not do so in vain. This year the Swap Meet pre-reg will be advertised in advance, so you will know exactly when pre-reg is.

Many thanks for your patience while we work out the kinks in the system!


+ IIDX for the win
+ American IIDX controller also for the win
+ 4-player Maximum Tune 2
- Speaking of MT2, too many GUESTs with 130-280HP cars, some of which challenged players with at least 600HP, and not enough pros. I was actually one of the best players there. I want to see people who can beat me by 100+ meters, dammit!
+ Several DDR players who made it to the extra stage on SuperNOVA, one of which got to the OMES.
+ I got to meet the Orange Lounge Radio crew in person.
+ Fanimaid Cafe was pretty good.
+ Hmm, I didn't smell a lot of "fanboy funk" this year.
+ Damn You Internets (aka 4FanimeChan) = WIN
+ PLAY! and Console Wars having the same timeslot = LOSE
- Not that it's any of my concern since I don't buy yaoi or yuri anyway, but there's way more yaoi in the dealer's room than there is yuri.
+ Very fun times in the gaming room. Specifically around the DDR, Para Para Paradise, and WMMT2 machines.
+ There were actually 2 game dealers in the Dealer's Room, as opposed to 1 last year. I hope we can get more game vendors next year.
- Parking, like in practically any other downtown area = HELL. Hilton and CC parking = too expensive, free parking at 2nd/3rd & San Carlos = some people park like noobs in the "Small Car" spaces, and I scratched a bumper. T.T
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Jelly Soup

I really didn't experience the missing programs problem. I got one on Thursday and kept it with me the entire time. I still have it right here next to me.

+Great dealers room this year. Lots of yaoi stuffs.
+Lots of One Piece being shown.
+Gaming Room was super. I had never seen Melty Blood: Act Cadenza before, great game.
+The Artists Allie was great. Good set up, easy to see everything.
-People screwing around in the elevators in the Marriott, hitting buttons and jamming up the works. My roommate is a cop and kept getting paged every time some idiot started messing with the emergence button.
-While I enjoyed the powerful air conditioner, I don't think it was needed at two in the morning.
-We need more swap meet nights. I doubt all the dealers have a problem with it, seeing as most of what's being sold at the meet are essentially ancient products. If someone tries to pull something, we can kick them out, like that guy with the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn.
~Soda is $4 at one side of the convention hall, yet they are $3.50 in a similar machine on the other side of the hall. Go figure.

More as I think of it.


Overall, I think the Con was very well done.  The panels I attended were entertaining, there was a wide variety of things to keep me occupied, Stage 0 was pretty fun whenever I stopped by, etc.

A couple of things:
- I was a little annoyed at the anime schedule.  I guess there were some sort of technical problems mid-Saturday, but I missed a lot of what I wanted to see because the schedule changed on me.  
- What was up with only being able to go in/out in one direction in the dealer's room?  It was a little obnoxious to have to go all the way around.

So no major complaints here.


the bad:
A huge chunk of Stage zero being simply titled "stage zero programming". I only managed to catch the last few minutes of three minute video.(I luckily I caught one of my own videos) At least few a hints on what might come up.

Three minute video itself. The audience was suddenly more energetic after it was over. But that's more of a reason to make a better movie next year.

I would have liked to have seen more panels.

the Good:
Schedules outside the video rooms being updated and kept in their place(from thieving schedule stealers like last year :shock:  )

Hentai night. Always fun.

The restaurant map. Much better and bigger than previous years. I had a nice lunch at the Peking House.


The Good-

Guests were awesome. I enjoyed talking with Ric Meyers and Giles Poitras a lot.

Panels were really cool, I especially enjoyed the Gainax and Gurren Lagaan panel. fun fun!

Arcade was also very fun. Played Dance ManiaX way too much that weekend.

Swap meet was, of course, amazing as well.

The Fanimecon 2007 sword was one of the coolest items in the dealers room. I got one and I would love it to return for next year.

I went to the Play! symphony on Saturday, and although Fanime wasn't directly related to the event, I was very impressed with the audience's courtesy. Everyone was worried that it would be loud and it would take away from the enjoyment of the show, but everyone cooperated and there were no annoying outbursts, even when they played One Winged Angel.

The Bad-

Not much variety in the dealers room. Wall scrolls were hard to find and there were hardly any soundtracks. It was nice seeing Video Games new york though. I'd like them to come back next year.

The Enies Lobby arc marathon was confusing....I came in and from the looks of it they went backwards after getting close to the 'Sanji's Scorching Kick' episode. What was up with that?

The AMV competition was lacking this year. There were some decent vids...but for the most part the AMV's weren't that good. Hopefully we'll get some better vids next year. Also, it would be nice if it would move back to the civic center.

That's about it. Great con overall. ^_^ Here's to 2008!
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The Improvements
- Tabletop Gaming in the E-Gaming Hall. Freaking genius. There were tons of space and lots of games to play. Betrayal at House on the Hill and Uno were some of the funnest moments of the con.
-Arcade. Melty Blood was freaking great even though I don't play. It was seriously busy all the time. Puzzle Fighter, 2 DDR Machines, and Air Hockey were big bonuses too. Even if prices were kind of high (50 cents for Puzzle Fighter?!) it wasn't exorbitant enough to make me stop.
-MusicFest in Ballroom J or whatever it was. Better acoustics than the civic center, a closer, more personal concert, and still enough room to rock. Oh yeah, and having ZZ on Thursday night was really cool.
-Play! Symphony. I cried tears of joy.
-Swap Meet. Somehow it was a lot less chaotic and crowded than last year's. I got some great deals - good times, guys.

The Let-Downs
-Anime Music Videos. Too many action videos, confusing multiple showings, a too-small room, and a generally poor comedy showing made this a disappointment compared to previous years. But I think the staff is learning from their mistakes this year and so next year's should be good.
-Missing Program Guides. Of course.

The Unknowns
-Masquerade Ball. I couldn't go because it was during the PLAY! Symphony. Whoever scheduled the two "high-class" musical events during the same slot wasn't planning appropriately.
-Stage Zero. I didn't spend any time there, so I can't really say. It's a good landmark though.
-Yuri Night. I liked the idea, but ended up spending my time elsewhere.
-Asian Cinema. Without a program guide, I didn't have anything to go on when choosing movies to watch, so I ended up not actually walking into the viewing rooms except during one movie while I was practically falling asleep on Monday at 6am. So I didn't really get a taste of what was there, sadly.


Quote from: "mDuo13"The Improvements
The Unknowns
-Masquerade Ball. I couldn't go because it was during the PLAY! Symphony. Whoever scheduled the two "high-class" musical events during the same slot wasn't planning appropriately.

The Black & White Ball (formall ballroom dance) was on Saturday night.  The Masquerade (Cosplay Spectacular) was on Sunday night in the same venue as PLAY.


Quote from: "Keys"
Quote from: "mDuo13"The Improvements
The Unknowns
-Masquerade Ball. I couldn't go because it was during the PLAY! Symphony. Whoever scheduled the two "high-class" musical events during the same slot wasn't planning appropriately.

The Black & White Ball (formall ballroom dance) was on Saturday night.  The Masquerade (Cosplay Spectacular) was on Sunday night in the same venue as PLAY.
Yes, I'm aware.
They could have put the Black & White Ball on Friday, you know.


The only good thing that I honestly Liked about the convention was the masqurade ( Being my first ever that I've went too, and I've been going to famine since 2001)

What I didn't Like about the convention

- The AMVs, too small of a room, the person sitting next to me was pratically sitting on half of my chair, and drallcome was sitting on half of his because he didnt want me to be uncomftorable. tooo many action videos, and too few comedy videos ( In my perspective there was 2 comedy videos since 3 of them were the same anime, We left them right after 'comedy')

That was basically the only thing that i didnt like, that and the fact that I'm not into anime at all anymore, I'm more of a gamer now (thanks to world of warcraft). Being there, sitting in the convention center with all of the other con goers, they all just seemed very immature... People yelling things that had no meaning at all...

The over all orderness of the con was kinda nice though, Minus the pre-reg line on thursday.... Drallcome and myself waited a wopping 10 minutes in that "Line" We arrived at the convention center at 6:30pm and left at 6:50pm with badges in hand..... The line gappage in that line was rediculious... It should have taken up an entire room, more booths to pick up badges, and more line snakeage..... This convention is getting to big for itself....

Drallcome and Myself played a little game, because we frankly wern't intrested in anything but the AMV (which were a total waste of time) and the Masqurade. The game, Find the highest number you can find on peoples badges.... The highest number we saw was 10390 on sunday.... In the 9000's on saturday... last year I registered at the door on saturday and my badge number was only 5901......

Sorry about the mini-rant.... 2007 will be the last year that Drallcome and Myself attend... (just mainly due to not being into all of the mundane anime that is being relesed these days)


While not my favorite year so far, I enjoyed Fanime 2007 quite a bit and had an all-around smashing good time. Some points of interest:

+ The FaniMaid Cafe. Working there was great, and from what I experienced there were very few problems that weren't dealt with quickly and fairly painlessly, and most of the attendees seemed quite pleased with their own experience--I'm quite looking forward to working again next year (especially if we're going to have a larger space like I've been told), although perhaps not the whole time both days like I did this year. *attempts to give self a back massage, fails*

+ The Hentai Room. This was the first year I was old enough to attend, and although I was very reluctant at first (I was dragged there by friends XD), I ended up enjoying myself immensely. Midnight Sleazy Train and Swallowtail Inn had me dying of laughter, I swear. ("Spirit of hospitality!")

+ The Game Room. Before this year I hadn't done a whole lot in the Game Room because I'm admittedly not much of a gamer, but I had some good times in there this time with the board games. Being able to check games like Apples to Apples and Connect Four out for playing was great--I don't know if this was in effect in previous years, but it was really cool and made up for the fact that we couldn't find our own set of Apples to bring. It was a little disappointing to have to turn the games back in at, what was it, eleven? But I can understand how leaving the games out all night without supervision would be a bad idea and would result in the probable loss of quite a few games, so that's reasonable enough.

Most of the negative comments I would have about this year's con experience are more my own fault than anything else--I missed the AMV contest despite it being shown several times because of my own poor planning, didn't browse the merchandise in the Dealers' Room as much as I would have liked, and didn't watch a whole lot of the video programming (aside from the aforementioned hentai) or attend many panels, mostly because of working the cafe and general lack of knowledge of what was going on. In any case, while this year didn't have quite the kick of last year, it was fun, and I'm looking forward to next year already.
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I only caught the last little bit of the masquerade, which was my fault. I also had bad seats because of it.

The amv contest was a let-down. I didn't stay through all of it because something came up, but I didn't go back for another showing either. The room was tiny and there were lines through some of the videos.... Poor quality. The volume was WAY too loud at times... I miss it being at the Civic Center. It really gave it a certain atmosphere. The videos all looked AMAZING there. It was really an experience. I know it took a lot from the con for my friend (fanime veteran of 5 years now) having it be in the new room. It was a big part of the con for him, a staple if you will, and it got ruined for him. So I don't know if we're going to go again if it's still in that room.

There seemed to be an increased number of creepy guys this year. I got approached several times by scary menfolk. Maybe there was the same number but they just found me this year.

We lost our expensive-ish mouse while carrying the laptop to a panel.


It was fanime.

So many awesome people.

Some really awesome cosplay

We had a room on the 4th floor so there was the option of taking the stairs to our room, rather than the terrifying elevator/sardine can.

We had extra money

There was a lot of stuff I wanted from the dealer's room, which is unusual.

It was FANIME.

It got me away from home

Overall: Awesome.

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A few random points, though I have not really reflected too much on the con:

- The dealer's room. I was very hard pressed to find anything worth buying. It was mostly either anime merchandise from specific series, weapons, or clothing. While I do LOVE clothing, I was not a fan of any of the clothing that was being sold at the con. I probably spent about $20 on merchandise this year, much less than years past, as I could barely find anything I wanted. I think we need more music being sold. Not just soundtracks, but Japanese music in general. Last year I was lucky enough to even get a copy of an Amano Tsukiko album, but this year there was little on intrest to me. (Things of intrest to me can even be cute decorated items. I mean practical tiems. Pencil tins, folders, etc. One year I got a really cute mechanical pencil that I loved, until it got stoeln, and I still have not found a replacement. Most of the items that I found practical were overpriced and not worth it for something from a series I dislike or do not know. (Heck, I would buy something as long as it were cute enough and in a good price range, whether I knew the series or not!) But a lot of the merchandise seemed to be things I would have no use for and would not want anyway because they are of a character from a series I either dislike or do not know. Then again, I am not a huge anime fan, so it is hard to find series that I do like. Sorry if you could not follow my rant, it makes a lot more sense in my head, I have a difficult time with wording sometimes.)

- The lolita picnic was pure love. All I can say.

- I liked the karaoke contest being split in two like it was. I beleive it was also like that last year, but I was not able to participate because it was Friday and I have school, but I was able to perform this year, and liked it much better. Also, the warmup time was a nice addition.

- Karaoke in general was MUCH less crowded than the past couple of years. Before, I had to wait at least an hour to sing a song, but this year there were only a few people ahead of me. I only sang open mic on Friday night due to other things I had going on, but would have loved to go other nights. The only problem was that the few people in the room were just sitting in there and not paying attention, so it was not as much fun, so I got discouraged from singing more that night. A few years back, there were short waits and enthusiastic audience members. Not really the con's fault, just an intresting point.

- Technical difficulties in the video rooms? And one of the only three anime series I like was cancelled due to them? How terrible!

- The masquerade ball was a lot of fun. I stayed the entire time. However, I felt a bit discouraged, as I could not make it to the lessons and was a terrible dancer, and I saw some good dancers in there. Also, I was by myself and felt like some of the people asking me to dance were a bit too creepy and asking a bit out of their age range, but I did have fun with the people I did dance with, which was most of hte people that asked me. Next year: better costume for dancing. Also: bigger room, no glowsticks (as fun as it was after we got them, it ruined the atmosphere a bit for me), more jazz (JiLL-Decoy association = love). I did hear some people outside complaining about the terrible dancers inside, and I felt just a bit upset. Hey, not everyone is born a great dancer or could attend the lessons, and as long as they are having fun, what does it matter? I know that I'm not the best dancer (that night was my second time ever dancing with someone, and the first time really did not count), but I had a lot more fun than the people that refused to go in because of the people that were not the best at dancing, I'm sure. The vast majority seemed to be having a great time, though, which made me glad that very few people took the quality of dancing too seriously. (It is an anime convention, not an actual ballroom dancing event. If you want to be with great dancers, go to a dance, not Fanime. I can understand why if you are a good dancer you would be a bit frustrated at it, but you can at least try to have fun with it, right?)

- I was just a bit dissapointed in how few pictures people wanted of my costume on Sunday, but I cannot really help that.

- Maybe it was just me and my perception, but there seemed to be much less maturity this year.

Overall, this was probably the best Fanime I have been to in a while, though. I had a whole lot of fun, and I hope that next year will be even better. :D


Well, I'll probably remember more things later, but here is what I can think of right now.

1)  The Dance.  Could we put it elsewhere?  It really ruined the anime rooms for me because all I could hear was "boom boom boom tss boom boom tss" across the whole hall.  I think if we could move it to where the panels were (which have nothing going on at that time of night anyway) that would be great.
2)  One thing that really irritated me (and I felt really bad for the staff that had to deal with it) was when a room was supposed to be playing something, but the staff member didn't have the disc and didn't even know where it was.  I forget where this happened to me, but apparently someone how borrowed the disk and hadn't brought it back or something of that nature.  That threw off the schedule and there wasn't anything playing in that room for at least an hour while the poor staff guy had to hunt it down.  I think with a con this big that sort of thing needs to not happen.  All the rooms need to have all the shows that will be playing at all times.
3)  Probably an all around complaint, but could we have schedule sooner next year?  For everything, not just anime showings.  And could there also be descriptions of everything (panels, etc.).  Just brief ones to give all of us think-a-headers some idea of what things are about.  I think most of the stuff had descriptions.
4)  Clearer directions to the Masq.  Maybe everyone else knew what CPA meant, but I hadn't a clue.  I wandered all over the old site for the Masq until someone guided me in the appropriate direction.
5)  This is not being mean to any individual, but just something that upset me.  The lense for my glasses fell out at the con (I need them to drive).  When I went to Con Ops to see if it had been dropped off or if they could keep an eye out for it they were very short with me.  They weren't rude, but they didn't, to me, seem to want to help.  I understand Con Ops is busy, but I just got the impression that my situation wasn't taken very seriously.  If I misunderstood the intentions of any Con Ops people I apologize.  It was a frantic time for me.  We searched the hall in the dark five or six times...I ended up hunting down a lenscrafters in San Jose to get new ones, but anywho.

There were some things I did like (well a lot, but beyond the obvious).  I liked that the Anime and Panels were split.  That made navigation a lot easier I think because you knew where all the Anime would be, etc.  I didn't have to go jumping around everywhere (although I missed all the panels because of other issues).
I think the Asian Films were rather good this year.  I've liked them in previous years, but there was a lot of cool stuff.  One thing though I think should be addressed for both the Asian Film areas and Anime is for stuff that is obviously going to be HUGE (Death Note perhaps) there should be room in the schedule to have extra showings.  I imagine a lot of people did not get to see Death Note (either one) because they were just so full.  So, maybe keeping an eye out next year for any big things...

I'll likely come back with more when I get more free time.  For now, that's what I have.  I don't think I broke any rules.  If I did I apologize.  I wasn't  trying to be mean.
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hi guys and girls,
well the end is here and i want to know what you thought what we did right, what we did wrong,  what we need to improve on in the video dept. i love you all and i had a blast serving you and giving you the best of all new and old anime. i hope to see you next year!!!

please send comments here
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Overall I want to say I had a lot more fun this year than last! And that is partly due to the schedule getting put up online earlier this year. It allowed me to research what I might want to see.


Tabletop in the game room was awesome this year. I was worried about being able to hear but it was not a problem. I would have spent tons more time there but I kept getting distracted by anime....

The concert room really was cool. When you break the concerts up over several nights having the smaller all standing room made the place feel full, and kept the crowd energy up. The acts were awesome this year too. I saw a concert every day of the con! (well except Monday when there wasn't any concerts.)

I also felt that the con as a whole seemed to run more smoothly than last year and I didn't see and many issues crop up.

Asian film and the anime programming were awesome! I haven't spent that much time in the video rooms ever at Fanime (this is my forth year).

The food court and the con seemd better this year. The prices are always a little high but they had a better variety this year I thought.


The video room schedules did get messed up a bit. I also wanted to see Red Garden and one other had been shown at an earlier time than was supposed too.

Also better training for the poor video staff. On 2 separate occasions the room had to help the operators get the videos started. Also it seems that the formats of how the videos were set up; disk vs hard drive, DVD vs AVI etc. made it hard for them. One standardized player app would also help I think. I know  the operators tried their best and they seemed genuinely sorry when the schedule got messed up.

Bigger rooms for the popular videos would be nice. I missed Deathnote live action because I was at the concert and got there right before it started and got turned away.

Registration line as mentioned could use some work. It was supposed to open at 5 on Thursday and got a late start. Though I am glad of the extend hours and the extended hours for buying pre-reg for 2008!

What few other issues were not the cons fault, but attendees. Angry drunken people suck. No program guide... ugh. Also it seemed like there was less cosplays this year.

I want to say again I had a blast and what issues I had were minor. I am looking forward to next year. Thanks again for everyones hard work.


I'm not banned anymore \o/(No reason to explain that)

I had a talk with quite a few people about the fanimaid cafe, and almost everything(ALMOST) I heard was negative. I also had a fun run in with Jerry in which he was quite rude to me.

The general things i heard was "I didn't get the point of it? I walked in and I was served food by a girl. And that was about it".
"I always thought there was more to Maid cafes than costumes" and the such.

It was quite funny, because I walked over there to check it out with my friend, and I saw Jun working who I wanted to say hi to and before anything happened Jerry walked up to me and quite rudely said "Is there anything I can help you with?" and I replied back with "Uh, yeah this is the maid cafe right?" and he instantly said "WELL AS YOU CAN SEE THERE IS A LINE OVER THERE". At this point I was considering my options. I could very easily had made a large scene but decided not to, due to the fact that a few of the maids were quite nice to me online and I didn't want to ruin things for them.

So I played it off "Oh sorry, I thought that was the line for the ATM" and then he replies back with... "OH well, is this for take out or dine in?" "Excuse me? Oh, I guess dine in, but it's fine, nevermind". "Yeah. LIKE I SAID there's a line over there, so go get in line".

So I just walked off.

Other things... people trying to hug me, and people trying to hug my friends. I had 4 people literally try to force themselves onto me at different times at the con while NOT cosplaying and multiple times while cosplaying. One I shoved to the floor and said that if he attempted anything like that to me or my friends again, I would break his nose. The thing is, this didn't phase him as I saw him just blindly run up and hug someone else about 2 minutes later.

Late night antics. I don't mind people having fun and messing around, I support it, but people need to be just a tad more considerate. Just because it's late and not many people use the elevators is not an excuse for people to sit in the elevators in a circle and mash the elevator buttons while screaming/singing/talking. I had just returned to the hotel from a very important meeting at around 2am and when I pressed the elevator floor I saw 5 people sitting in a circle on the ground screaming and singing show tunes. So I waited for another elevator only to see an overweight guy, reading a pornographic magazine(the magazine name escapes me right now, but it does reviews for eroge, and it's one that I pick up occasionally to see what's coming out) while eating chips on the floor on the floor. This... disgusted me. It was bad enough he was looking at porn... but him being totally overweight, unwashed, and in a t-shirt and pants that weren't exactly well fitting on him after I just returned was not what I wanted to see in an elevator heading back to my room. I wouldn't have even minded if he was doing it against the wall of the convention center or at a table, but on the floor of the elevator...


I didn't think that Fanime was as good this year as it was last year.

First, the AMVs... in the small room sucked. And my AMV was in drama and no one stayed to see it, that made me sad. I already threw in my two cents about the AMVs elsewhere, tho, so I won't say any more.

Second, the yaoi seems to be invading. I don't have a problem with yaoi, unless Fanime becomes Yaoi Con Lite. There seems to be a rise in the number of yaoi booths, and I think it's unnecessary.

There weren't as many appealing panels this year, at least to me. I didn't really end up going to any.

On the plus side, the gaming room still rocks. The best of any con I've been to.

Also, having experienced AX, I like the lack of lines at most things at Fanime. The longest line was reg, but I pre-reg so I was okay.

I just wish I had done more at the con. As much fun as it was to play Guilty Gear in my room with my friends, I can do that all summer. I also wish I hadn't missed most of Friday...