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Author Topic: Things that need to not happen at Fanime  (Read 75566 times)

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Re: Things that need to not happen at Fanime
« Reply #260 on: February 22, 2008, 06:41:58 PM »

Actually, many of them DO know it's wrong, and continue to glomp without permission. Example, last year  I was acting as a handler for my sister who was in costume, trying to keep an eye out for people who were going to attempt to glomp her from behind since she had limited vision in her costume. I missed two people who came up and did a DOUBLE GLOMP FROM BEHIND. So of course we told them off, the gist of what we said was that they could seriously hurt someone, they needed to ask, etc.

So what happened? They go off, and less than five minutes later I see them doing it to someone else. In fact, they're probably the ones who glomped me from behind when I was mudkip, almost knocked me down, and then ran off before I could see who did it.

So, I think the issue is that fans need to work together to keep this from happening. If you see someone glomp someone without asking, tell them that they need to ask, even if you're not in costume. If enough people tell them, MAYBE they'll get the point. I know I'll be writing down badge numbers this year and potentially reporting people.

Heck, when you see someone running you probably need to tell them to walk. But I think that much we can leave up to the Rovers.

I am not averse to reporting someone if someone is harassing you. An informational network between con members is a good idea, but not as wide-reaching as pamphlets.

So, I DO think it's time something got changed, and I think it's time to stop the arguing back and forth of "deal with it" "I don't have to, it's assault", and it's time to work together on a solution.

Example: On the TV screens that have random announcements around the Con, maybe have them show a list of Common Courtesies and a Code of Conduct.

What do the rest of you think?
Okay, this is a GREAT idea. It won't cost anything, since it eliminates the cost of printing. Still, not everyone watches those, but it would still eliminate a lot of the excess glomping. =]


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Re: Things that need to not happen at Fanime
« Reply #261 on: February 22, 2008, 06:45:46 PM »

You people really need to stop the debates on Glomping. Seriously.

Some people hate it, others don't.

Neither of you will ever change the others mind.

Please stop, you're scaring off the new forum members.
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