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Started by deonchan, April 24, 2008, 03:13:48 PM

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I am "in the building and I'm feelin' myself".

It's a lyric.

& I am not actually feelin' myself,
I'm eating Ritz Crackers with Honey Nut Cream Cheese spread.


I am counting change and watching more FMA on netflix
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I am looking for Chef's Luv Shack and South Park Rally for N64.


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I am thirsty.
(Yo) Tengo sed.


I am going to have to help my sister find a new prom dress. The one she just got today in the mail was a too small. Her prom is this Saturday. :/

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I am working graveyard on a Thursday omg


^ ouch good luck

I am sitting across from the female version of me on the bus... This is weird
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I am sick, sleepy, headachey, and at work. It's gonna be a good good night.


i am surprised that a Sunday can actually be enjoyable without a football game on TV
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I am thinking my post count is too low for how long I've been on the forums


I am glad I finally remembered my login for the forums >.>'
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I am hating my minimal sleep hours and then having to work hard to get back in shape again. -__-
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I am irritated that all my Fanime plans are crumbling. :<
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I am stressed so much this week


I am getting senioritis.
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i am, like Todd McLellan, skeptical about the odds of winning Game 4
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I am wishing I could not have to do any work just so I could prepare for Fanime


I am wishing that I had my own personal fan.


i wish i could take a week off to get ready for taking fanime off.
Brevity is the soul of Wit.
Confusion is the soul of Runewitt.