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Author Topic: Hypno/Magma License Rescue Team  (Read 863 times)

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Hypno/Magma License Rescue Team
« on: May 31, 2008, 10:13:14 AM »

So on monday, my friend and I walked across the street, and I kicked at someones license on the crosswalk. We picked it up, found it was in San Jose, and decided to go on the adventure to return it to them.

We did, left our badges with her as that very stylish, "Here's our card" hero thing. And went about our daily lives.

Then we started thinking, what if she had her purse or bag stolen, and we just returned the ID, maybe she thinks we robbed her and decided to be total Dbags and just return her ID. (I might be paranoid, but life hates me when I try and do nice things.)

So, I think, just to be safe. We found the ID on the ground, and returned it accordingly, Didn't want you getting pulled over without a license.

Yup, I was the very akwardly dressed Hypno and my friend was my Team Magma Girl Trainer. There was also a Silver haired girl traveling with a deathnote guy who I'd like to be re-introduced to. (and a Zapados I almost battled in the middle of the street.)
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