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Author Topic: What manga should they totally make because it'd be ridiculously awesome?  (Read 1202 times)

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Don't you guys think sometimes, "Man, they definitely need to make a manga out of that!" or, alternatively, "Wow, they made a manga about that?" This thread is here so that you can suggest the ideas you think would be really great. It even might turn out that it's already been done! Like if you thought to yourself, "There SO needs to be a manga about wine," someone might let you in on a little secret called Kami no Shizuku!

So let's get this started. I've been throwing out the idea recently of an ARIA spinoff about Akatsuki's mom, because who knows what sort of adventures she had before she settled down to have a family - and besides, she is hot.

Also, there have been a lot of good series based on retelling tweaked versions of literary classics. That's why I think Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita could be made into a great manga... set in the future. Am I crazy, or am I right? Perhaps both...

On the more mundane front, they could make a manga about academic quiz teams or spelling bees or something. It could be great - villainous opposing coaches, sympathetic competitors, rigged quizzes, self-doubt and the triumph of knowledge...

How about you guys? Got any great ideas for manga?
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