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Author Topic: Yuki Cross day unform for sale-Prime Condition  (Read 995 times)

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Yuki Cross day unform for sale-Prime Condition
« on: August 17, 2008, 12:06:31 PM »

So I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this, that would be okay to do so on the forums.
So here it goes:

This exact outfit is that of Yuki Cross-day uniform. Tag reads large: fits from a 14-16 Bust 401/2 - 41 1/2 inches (I'm a 36inch c bust and it was big on me but not horribly huge...so) Sleeves 31 1 /2 - 32 inches (sleeves were perfectly fine, just as the seller who sold it to me advertised) Waist 34 1/2 -36 (I think it was to a 36 though, it was a bit big on me and I wear a 34inches in most pants) Hips 42-44 (quite accurate and if your a bit bigger in the back this is perfect. I'm very much so an hour glass and it wasn't snug at all ) Outfit only at Fanime and mainly indoors aside from a VK photo shoot. Outfit has been kept in a garment bag since last worn and also comes from a smoke free home. The outfit does include the armband, which has never been worn. I didn't want to cosplay as yuki when I wore this, but more so a random day student. The red/sash bow is also included. Keep in mind outfit is in Mint Condition and only been worn once, so your basically getting it brand new.

I'm hoping to get 90.00 for it. If you feel thats too much, then haggle with me. I would also be willign to bring down the price if you were interested in any of these other items I have up for sale below:


Trying to earn some extra $$ so i can purchase tickets to fly down to AZ to see the Twilight film with my best friend.

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