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Started by kumi-chan, September 09, 2008, 08:18:01 AM

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Why can't they bring back group registration this year? My club really needs that to save everyone some trouble.


Last year we had lots of trouble and many people couldn't go because of that. The year before last (2007) went very smoothly, but last year (2008) was very complicated since people couldn't get ahold of different credit cards and some others had no direct access to the website. Group registration would allow more people to come to the convention, and plus, the pick-up lines would be considerably shorter because only one person would need to go for the entire group.
And what's with the one credit card per one pass? How about families?


No group reg this year and that's how it's gonna be.
Wrong forum btw. There's a specific "Registration" forum.
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WHO said no group reg?? ???

As stated in our replies last year, we are currently reviewing the possibility of reimplementing group registration. Please don't plead for us to bring it back or otherwise as it will not affect our decisions significantly. We understand it is a great convenience but the problem is a logistical issue. As we speak we are working to resolve these issues.

NOT a yes or's a..."we are thinking about it" :)
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