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Author Topic: Sword of Truth Tv Series  (Read 1178 times)

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Sword of Truth Tv Series
« on: November 17, 2008, 03:29:42 AM »

Anyone ever come across the Sword of Truth series?

Now it has it's own tv series. I just happened to be clicking through channels on the telly and I hear the key words "Seeker" and "Confessor". I was thinking it couldn't be, but sadly it was.

So far I think Kahlan is the only who really fits closely to my image of her. Richard's actor didn't give a very strong impression and Zedd just scared me. Darken Rahl isn't blonde either.

I also don't expect it to follow the books verbatim, but pretty to the original would be nice.

I'll look at it from time to time, but it just isn't hooking me in.
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