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Author Topic: Rhyme Time  (Read 1277 times)

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Rhyme Time
« on: December 05, 2008, 11:31:07 AM »

(Stolen from Dom)

Let's play a rhyme game.

Every 2 lines, the ending word has to rhyme. And it's gonna be a story. After every 2 lines, you can come up with a new line without rhyming, but the following line must rhyme with the previous.

ridin' down the street in my impala
all the girls who see me wanna holla
puffin' the sticky and bumpin ' to the beat
I ask all'em girl if they can handle the heat
jockin' the chica with the voluptuous D cup
wonderin' if maybe she would sign a pre-nup

Here goes:
Strumming my pain with his fingers...
Eric Wu
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