Started by darkcard777, May 20, 2009, 06:39:43 PM

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I know theres a few asian movies being shown, but wouldnt an asian drama room be nice? like some hana yori dango or somethin? (i know this pisses off my bf cuz he's into j-dramas X3)


We had an Asian Drama room the past three years due to popular demand. Ironically, nobody ever went to the room, so we removed it from the lineup. Sorry!
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I remember the jdorama room and being one of maybe three people so I booked it out of there. I wanted to watch, but I didn't want to be the ONLY one watching.


It'd be nice to have J-Drama back!! :(

I remember it when I first went to FAnime in '06
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It's a bummer that the j-drama room didn't succeed. I visited it in previous years but usually it just happened that there were other things on the schedule during the showings for anything I was interested it, and I always ended up at other things.

Maybe it will make a come back some day. ;  w;~


I would like to see j-drama D: Maybe even something like Bloody Monday or LIFE xD
It was showing Crow Zero (forgot which year) that I wanted to watch since I really like it but I couldn't go because of other things in my schedule ;^;