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Author Topic: Robot Armageddon 2009 fights winners and losers w/there attacks  (Read 9603 times)

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hello and thanks for making this fanimecons new big panel that we will have coming back every year if you got pics or videos from this panel please post links here. thanks once again for attending!!

Genesic Gaogaigar vs boss borot

Genesic Gaogaigar specs
From the ser king of the brave gao gai gar  

- is a powerfully-built machine formed from GaiGar (Guy fused with Galeon) and the GaoMachines.

•   Protect Shade: GaoGaiGar raises its ("Protect") left hand to generate an energy-deflecting barrier. Narrow energy weapons fired at this barrier will be focused, traced into the shape of a pentagram and fired back at the target. It has also been used to blow away sea water to expose a submerged opponent (in shallows), and can be activated around GaoGaiGar's entire body.
•   Broken Magnum: GaoGaiGar's ("Broken") upper right arm spins clockwise at high speed while its fist spins counterclockwise, which it then aims and launches at the target, causing heavy piercing/penetrating damage. Generally, the upper arm automatically returns to its socket. There are at least two variations on this, both used against Pasdar. In the first, the arm is launched first then begins to spin, and in the second, the arms spins against something before being launched. The second was effective against Pasdar's Zonder Barrier.
•   Plasma Hold: Utilizes Protect Shade to hold an enemy if it attempts to make direct physical contact with the barrier, allowing an effective counter. Only used twice in the entire television series (versus EI-03 and Zonuda). Repli-Mamoru uses Plasma Hold against GaoFighGar in episode 2 of FINAL.
•   Drill Knee (not formally named; named in specifications and called by name in the Super Robot Wars series): high-velocity lunge at the enemy using one of GaoGaiGar's knee-mounted drills. An effective close range attack or an attack of desperation.
•   Hell and Heaven: A combination of offensive and defensive energies, utilizing the opposing powers of both of GaoGaiGar's hands grasped together (accompanied by Guy chanting "gemu giru gan go gufo..."). An electromagnetic tornado (Chô-Denji Tatsumaki) forms around the enemy when the mechanoid's hands gather, binding it while GaoGaiGar uses StealthGao's thrusters and DrillGao's treads to charge into the enemy, smashing its gathered fist into the enemy core (usually located at the center of mass) and tearing it out gathered in both hands—destroying the enemy and rendering the core dormant. This is the method Cyborg Guy uses to destroy Zonder Robos and retrieve their cores for much of the television series. (It is unclear if the tornado is the same as the one used during Final Fusion, but it could just be that the effect is more pronounced when horizontal rather than vertical.) It can only be blocked by attacks of a similar nature (such as those used by EI-15, GaoFighGar, and Palparepa Plus), though the New Machine Species "Zonuda" was able to deflect Hell and Heaven with its palms - this may have been an equivalent attack, though the exact nature is unclear.
Hell and Heaven causes extreme physical strain to Guy's cybernetics while in Fusion; it is later learned that his constant, repeated use of Hell and Heaven will almost certainly destroy him. To prevent this from occurring, the "G-Tool" Goldion Hammer is constructed for his use. This "Gravity Shockwave Generating Tool" has enough sheer destructive power to disintegrate most Zonder Robos while leaving their core intact; however, this power is initially too great for GaoGaiGar to handle without causing the Super Mechanoid severe damage. To properly absorb and control this power, the Hammer is incorporated into the newly-built GGG Multi-Robo Goldymarg.
Goldion Crusher: Upscaled version of the Goldion Hammer made from three GGG battleships. With it Genesic Gao Gai Gar destroyed a universe.
When "Hammer Connect" is performed and GaoGaiGar interfaces with the "Marg Hand," Guy is capable of the following abilities:
•   Hammer Hell and Heaven: A more refined version of Hell and Heaven using all available features of Goldymarg in "Marg Hand" mode. It is a three stage tactic composed of the following actions, in order:
•   "Hammer Hell": Using its left hand, GaoGaiGar removes an energy "nail" (most likely created from Mirror Particles) from the Marg Hand, stabs the area containing the enemy core with the "nail," then uses the Hammer to drive it further inward.
•   "Hammer Heaven": GaoGaiGar uses one or both hinged claws on the Marg Hand to pull the "nail" out along with the core. The "nail" then disintegrates, leaving the core intact to land in GaoGaiGar's left hand.
•   "Hikari ni Nare" ("Become the Light"): Guy smashes the Hammer into the coreless enemy, disintegrating it.
•   Goldion Magnum: Only seen in the PlayStation videogame The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers. Broken Magnum using the "Marg Hand" section of Goldymarg.
In addition to the above, GaoGaiGar can use other "Tools," built by GGG and its associated organizations:
•   Dividing Driver: Bends material space to create a "Dividing Field," within which an enemy can be fought without collateral damage to the surrounding area.
•   Dimension Pliers: Alters interdimensional properties. Can also create a dimensional rift.
•   Goldion Motor: A Tool that grants resistance to the Goldion Hammer's gravity shockwaves. (Note: this tool was never actually known to be used by GaoGaiGar.)
•   Grand Pleshar: Contains and crushes its target with specifically-tuned G-Stone energy. Five separate sizes. Looks like a pressure cooker.
•   Molecule Plane: Capable of destroying most forms of matter through meson annihilation.

boss borot
is from the ser. Mazinger Z

- Boss Borot was created by three engineers from the Photon Power Laboratory and piloted by Boss and his cohorts Mucha and Nuke

•   Ball and chain: Apparently taken from a wrecker.
•   An imitation of Mazinger Z's Rust Hurricane.
•   Borot Pressure Punch: an attempt to mimic and surpass Great Mazinger's Drill Pressure Punch.
•   Borot Chain Attack: This weapon, essentially a length of chain with a lasso-like loop at the end, was used by Borot in the Mazinkaiser movie. Using this "weapon", Boss was able to kill Archduke Gorgon, the Mycene soldier who had been sent to assassinate Kouji.
•   Borot Hissatsu Hip Attack: Used in the Mazinkaiser OVA, this attack consists of Borot flinging itself, rear end-first, at the enemy.
•   Borot Rolling Crush: Used immediately after the Hip Attack, Borot spins around rapidly, tearing up the ground and anything in its path (as well as making Boss very dizzy). This attack was used to get rid of Dr. Hell's footsoldiers who stood between Kouji and the Kaiser Pilder.
•   Borot Homerun: A combination attack between Boss Borot and Shiro's mech, the Robot Junior. The Borot attempts to throw a baseball for Shiro to bat at the enemies. Instead the Borot's head is thrown, with the ball replacing it on the Borot's body. Upon contact, the Borot's head flys into the distance, leaving an explosion behind. In Super Robot Wars W, this attack became a standalone move for the Borot only.
•   Borot Dynamic Special: An attack exclusive to the Super Robot Wars series of games, this involves Boss throwing a variety of objects at an enemy, including grenades, rocks, and a giant boulder, before hitting it with a shot from a slingshot and causing a huge explosion capable of destroying an entire group of enemies. The name is in reference to the Final Dynamic Special, a common combination attack between Getta Robo G (or sometimes Shin Getter) and Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger (with Grendizer added in games where it is present), which was based on the attack used to destroy Dragonosaurus in one of the Mazinger Movies. Surprisingly, this is generally treated as a disproportionately overpowered attack, usable after movement (though it has short range and is limited to one shot), and is on par with some of the strongest attacks in the game - due to the fact that, when customizing the weapon, it gains more attack power than any other. Super Robot Wars Z features two different version of the attack: an anti-ground variant in which Borot replaces its feet with torpedos and crashes into the enemy, and an in-air variant in which Borot dresses like a magician (inspired by Dororon Enma-kun) and fires a beam from a magic wand.
•   Borot Spazer: In his typical fashion, Boss was impressed by Grendizer and sought to outdo Duke. To this end, he devised the Borot Spazer, an attempt to surpass the Spazer. However, given Boss's limited resources, the Borot Spazer ended up a comical contraption held aloft by a helicopter-style rotor, and it fell to pieces by the end of the episode.

winner is Genesic Gaogaigar

Combattler v vs Voltes V

Combattler v
is the first part of the Robot Romance Trilogy of Super Robot series

-   Super Electromagnetic Yo Yo. While sadly making them work as a yo yo was beyond the Bandai designers, we do get a pair of spiky discs - these clip nicely enough into the default hands, with the thumb closing on the other side, and he looks rather good poised to throw the things.

-   The Atomicburner are a pair of outlets that clamp over the retractable default hands - I guess they spew out atomic fire or something (though the ones on the toy don't, sadly). The biggest problem, aside from them looking about as dynamic as a lump of peat, is the retractable fists themselves - while Combattler's default hands are bigger than those of Voltes V, this also means they fill more of the hollow forearms, and they can be very fiddly (and more than a little harrying) to get back out again.

-   Twin Lancer - either a pair of short swords, or a combined two-bladed weapon. The arm articulation isn't quite good enough to make full use of the double-bladed version if it's held in both hands, and the hand holes are too obvious for it to look really good one-handed, so mine usually just poses with the pair

-   Super Electromagnetic Spin. This, basically, fails. I'm guessing the cartoon move involves Combattler firing energy from his two fists or somesuch. Here, it's a piece that clips onto both wrists, over the retracted fists. The latter is reason enough to dislike it, but this thing can only be held with the arms at one exact angle, and even then it looks awful.

Voltes V
Voltes V is the second part of the Robot Romance Trilogy of the Super Robot genre

- ULTRA ELECTRO MAGNETIC BEAM Variations:   Voltes Beam. An energy beam.
  Volt Laser. A standard laser attack

- ULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE Like Voltes Beam, but larger  damage

- Voltes' torso can open and fire this top from within. Voltes can shoot up to two tops at one time.

- ULTRA ELECTROMAGNETIC WHIP Voltes can pull out its "belt", forming a pair of whips.Usually used to spin Chodenji Goma

- GROUND FIRE Intense Fire attack from the center of the belt

- FINGER MISSILES Voltes fires these missiles from its fingertips

- VOLTES BAZOOKA When Voltes folds its right hand down, a bazooka barrel comes out from inside its hand. Voltes uses the other arm to pull the trigger.

- CHAIN KNUCKLE A Chain with a sharp hooked-type end. Fired when Voltes retracts its handpalm. Two other weapons from the wrist is Choudenji Rope, an energy whip, and Arm Gun

- LASER SWORD Tenkuken Definetly Voltes' most powerful weapon. This is used to finish the enemy off. The "M" from his chest can form a sword and with it, Voltes can slice the enemy into two, forming a "V" slice.

winner Voltes V

Dancouga vs Dangaioh

Is from God Bless The Machine Dancouga

-   Armament: Pulse Laser Gun x4 (mounted in chest)
-    Beam Launcher x2 (mounted on back)
-    Pulse Laser rifle (DaiGun); Sword (DankuKen 断空剣mounted on right hip?)
-   Huge Beam Cannon (DankuHo 「断空砲」 mounted on back).
Other Armament:
•   (Physical Attacks): Dancouga has immense physical power, and regularly devastated whole waves of weaker enemies in the original series with little more than punches and slaps. For more concentrated attacks, however, Shinobu would give control of Dancougar over to Ryo, who would then proceed to use his martial arts training to great advantage.
•   DankuHo Formation「断空砲フォーメーション」: Dancougar fires its four Pulse Lasers, twin Beam Launchers and Huge Beam Cannon (DankuHo) simultaneously.
•   DankuKogaKen「断空光牙剣」: Dancouga raises the Danku Ken sword over its head; On Professor Hazuki's order, Gandor Ho is fired from the mouth of Gandor. This huge beam hits Dancouga, energizing the Danku Ken to create an immense column of energy emitting from the blade. This "energy blade" can cleave enemies in two, even from a great distance.
•   Final DankuHo 「ファイナル断空砲」: Attack seen in Super Robot Taisen Alpha Series and Super Robot Taisen GC. When Final Dancouga is formed, the Black Wing spreads apart, the aggressive energy from all five pilots accumulated into the DankuHo to fire a massive energy beam that causes the enemy to almost vanish within it.
•   Final DankuKogaKen 「ファイナル断空光牙剣」 Attack seen in Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 , Super Robot Taisen GC and Super Robot Taisen J. A much more powerful version of the DankuKogaKen that utilizes Final Dancouga, though the outward appearance of the technique is otherwise visibly identical. Alan orders Shinobu to use the DankuKen when this attack is used.

- Is from Dangaioh - Hyper Combat Unit

- Psyhic Cut
- disconnected arm like a javelin.
- Spiral Knuckles of tears
- psyhic wave

winner Dancouga

Nu Gundam vs grandizer

Nu Gundam
From chars counter attach

- 2 x Head-mounted Vulcans
-1 x Beam Sword
-1 x Beam Saber
-1 x Shield (with mounted beam cannon and 4 x small missile)
-1 x Beam Rifle
-1 x Hyper Bazooka
-1 6 x Fin Funnel

From UFO Robot Grendizer

•   Hand Beam: Grendizer fires a trio of energy beams from the back of its hands. This is one of Grendizer's weaker attacks.
•   Backhand Missile: Grendizer can also fire missiles from the back of its hand, from the same opening as the Hand Beam.
•   Screw Crusher Punch: A standard Mazinger Rocket Punch attack, Grendizer fires its forearms as the blades mounted on the wrists flip forward, essentially making the attack a flying drill. The Screw Crusher Punch flies at speeds up to Mach 5 and can achieve 4000 RPM. There are also two more variations on this attack, the Screw Punch in which the blades fold at a 90' degree angle or fan shaped look, plus the Crusher Punch in which the blades fold over the fist in a bullet shape. Grendizer also has a normal Dizer Punch which is similar to the Atomic Punch of Great Mazinger and the Rocket Punch of Mazinger Z.
•   Double Harken: A weapon mounted in the shoulders, each Harken consists of a crescent moon blade attached to a handle. Grendizer can use one or both harkens in each hand, which is called Single Harken, or combine them to form a bladed staff, the Double Harken. The Double Harken can also be thrown at enemies.
•   Shoulder Boomerang: Grendizer launches the Harken blades from its shoulders or Grendizer grabs and throws them like regular boomerangs.
•   Hanjuuryoku Storm (Anti-Gravity Storm aka Rainbow Beam): A ray of rainbow energy which is fired from the red crest on Grendizers chest. In the early episodes it was similar to Mazinger Z's Breast Fire attack, but in later episodes it can be used as an anti-gravity ray.
•   Space Thunder: Much like Great Mazinger's Thunder Break, Grendizer can release a burst of electric energy from the horns on its head. Grendizer can unleash up to 600,000 volts for up to 10 hours continuously.
•   Dizer Beam: Regular eye lasers that Grendizer uses when it is unable to use the Hand Beam attack such as when Grendizer is combined with the Drill Spazer.
•   Dizer Power: Grendizer runs at over 100% efficiency for short periods of time. Similar to Mazin Power that is utilised by the Mazinger series.
•   Dizer Tera Max: Various panels open up around Grendizer's body causing the robot to generate more power than normal. Used once in a manga to activate an enhanced Space Thunder.

winner Nu Gundam

Genesic Gaogaigar vs Voltes V

winner Genesic Gaogaigar

Dancouga vs Nu Gundam

winner Nu Gundam

Genesic Gaogaigar vs Nu Gundam

winner Genesic Gaogaigar

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is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? is it like the hand of god hovering above? at least it is true that man has no control, even over his own destiny.

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Re: Robot Armageddon 2009 fights winners and losers w/there attacks
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2009, 10:04:33 PM »

Shin getter robo vs Nirvash

Shin getter robo
From the Getter Robo universe

•   Weapons and Attacks:
o   Split Beam (Daikessen): Shin Getter 1 fires rapid beam shots from its palm.
o   Getter Razor (all versions): The large serrated blades on Shin Getter-1's forearms can be used as melee weapons.
o   Tomahawk Boomerang (all versions): Shin Getter-1 can throw its tomahawk as a boomerang-type weapon. In the anime versions, it throws the whole tomahawk, while its appearance in the last two games of the Super Robot Wars Alpha series have it simply throwing the head.
o   Tomahawk Lancer (Armageddon): Similar to the Tomahawk Boomerang attack except more than one is thrown in rapid succession.
o   Getter Blast Cannon (Super Robot Wars, manga): A hand-held beam gun.
o   Getter Tomahawk (all versions): The primary melee weapon of the Getter series has always been the tomahawk. However, Shin Getter-1's version is a bit of a misnomer, since the weapon in question is a two-headed battle axe with a very long handle. In Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, the tomahawk was called Double Tomahawk Lancer.
o   Getter Scythe (Armageddon): Contained in the bud on Shin Getter-1's right shoulder is a scythe of similar style to the Getter Tomahawk.
o   Shin Getter Beam (all versions): A beam of focused Getter Energy released from Shin Getter-1's abdomen. Getter Energy is especially detrimental to reptilian life-forms, causing Dinosaurs to melt and eventually die, and causing the over evolution of Invaders.
o   Getter Beam (Armageddon): A weaker secondary Getter Beam, which is fired from its forehead.
o   Stoner Sunshine (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon, manga): Shin Getter-1 gathers a ball of energy in its hands, eventually growing to incredible size before it's thrown at the enemy. This is Shin Getter's strongest attack in many of its forms. Though the Neo Getter version never uses it in the anime, the Super Robot Wars games give the attack to its God Getter form. In the manga it's used without any apparent difficulty.
o   Shin Shine Spark (Super Robot Wars): An improved version of Getter Robo G's Shine Spark attack. Shin Getter charges its body full of energy, then flies headlong into the enemy, releasing the energy before flying away to safety. This attack is often given to another Getter, the Shin Getter Dragon.

From the ser eureka seven they are lfos light finding operation

-   pair of boomerang knives (basic equipment for it and the Terminus series of LFOs).
-   small chaff and flare launchers on its back to confuse missiles and dissuade followers.
-   high maneuverability and the skill of its pilots.
-   the ability to trigger the Seven Swell, an event which generates a massive pillar of multi-colored trapar.
-   it has the immediate effect of increasing the trapar count in the surrounding area, usually to the point that even a trapar-deprived area will become instantly flight-worthy.
-   The trapar can also be used to disable other LFOs by causing the organic frame to reject the mechanical components

winner Shin getter robo

Cybuster vs Strike Freedom Gundam

Is from the tv ser under the same name

- Caloric Missile:
A standard high class missile weapon of La Gias, used against most long-ranged opponents. In Alpha Gaiden and Super Robot Wars Original Generations, Caloric Missiles are energy projectiles instead of physical ones. This weapon can be used in Cybird mode.

- Discutter:
The standard sword of Langran Wind Masōkis. It is made out of Zol Orichalconium (refined Orichalconium) alloy. Masaki uses the Cybuster's speed to strike the target with his sword for high damage. In Alpha Gaiden, the Cybuster summons the sword, instead of unsheathing it. It is called Zephyr Sword, in the North American localization.

-Vanity Ripper:
An upgraded Discutter. Everything destroyed by the Vanity Ripper disintegrates into dust. This attack is only seen in Super Robot Wars Gaiden.

A pair of remote weapons, which rush toward the target, flying around it and striking it from various angles, similar to the funnel weapons from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. The Cybuster's Familiar launches energy-based projectile. These aren't controlled by Masaki, but by his familiars, Kuro and Shiro. This weapon is only seen in Super Robot Wars Gaiden.

-High Familiar:
The upgraded version of the standard Familiars. This weapon can be used in Cybird mode.

-Akashic Buster:
One of the unit's more powerful attacks, it seems more fantasy-based rather than technological. Cybuster would stab the ground with its sword, creating a hexagram and starts to gather Prana. The gathered Prana will then be channeled to the sword. The Prana would then be unleashed from sword in the form of a bird made of flames, and would destroy the helpless victim, if not seriously damaging it.

-Akashic Buster (True Version):
An upgraded Akashic Buster. The Cybuster draws a hexagram in mid-air with its sword, summoning the bird made of flames, then gathers Prana on its body. Collecting and acquiring a huge amount of it, the Cybuster would rush forwards and transform in Cybird mode and chase the flaming bird, merging with it, crashing to its target.

-Cosmo Nova:
Cybuster's usual ultimate attack; it creates four glowing spheres of prana, originating from the Cybuster's arms, and they are hurled at the target. The target is engulfed by the energy. It can be only used once, before the Cybuster needs to be recharged.

-Discutter, Ranbu No Tachi (Fervent Dancing Sword):
A powerful final attack that Masaki learns later on, after extensive training in the Dimension of the Elements and mastering it. Pulling out the Cybuster's sword, Masaki would channel an immense amount of Prana into Cybuster, which would be infused with the Masō Kishin's body. The Cybuster would then charge towards the target at high speed attacking the target so viciously and rapidly with the sword that an illusion is generated so that multiple Cybusters appear to be striking the target from all directions, its vapor trails creating the image of a pentagram. After forming the pentagram, the Cybuster would end the attack with a swift straight slash, finally ripping the helpless target into ribbons. This attack is seen in Super Robot Wars Gaiden and Alpha Gaiden.

Probably the most notable weapon at Masaki's disposal, it is a large, spherical burst of Prana that originates from the Cybuster's sword, destroying all enemies surrounding it in a large area. The fact that this weapon can be used while moving at full speed and only causes damage to enemies whilst leaving allies in the area of effect unharmed, and is also able to be used in Cybird mode, makes it one of the more useful MAP weapons in the

Strike Freedom Gundam
From mobile suit gundam seed destiny

•    31 mm CIWS x2
•   multi-phase beam cannon x1
•   beam saber x2
•   railgun x2
•   beam rifle x2
•   beam shield generator x2

winner Cybuster

Rahxephon vs raideen

From the tv ser of the same name

-   energy blades which project from its forearms
-   energy bow
-   form energy shields around its forearms
-   create impenetrable spheres of energy in its hands which are used for carrying and protection
-   the "instrumentalist" — sing a note. This unleashes powerful forces (such as light-energy blasts or heat waves) that cause destruction on an apocalyptic scale

From the ser brave raideen and was one of the first transforming giant robots
was the first anime mecha work of anime director and writer Yoshiyuki Tomino, better known as the creator of Gundam

-   god go gun shots flaming energy arrows
-   god breaker kives that come out his fist
-   god  voice
-   god voice map weapon
-   Godblock
-   God Boomerang
-   God Missile
-   Gogun Sword
-   Energy Cutter
-   Jet Boomerang
-   God Block Big Spin

winner is Raideen

Valkyrie VF-1 vs Mazinkaiser

Valkyrie VF-1
From the tv show The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

-   External 55 mm Howard GU-11 gunpod with 200 rounds firing 1200 rounds per minute, mounted under central fuselage
-   Mauler RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannon (one in VF-1A, two in VF-1J and VF-1D, four in VF-1S) firing 6000 pulses per minute, mounted on head turret under the nose
-   Four pivoting hardpoints under the wings.
-   Up to 12 AMM-1 multipurpose missiles (three on each hardpoint)
-   6 RMS-1 anti-ship reaction missiles
-   12 Mk-82 conventional bombs
-   four UMM-7 micro missile pods carrying 15 Bifors HMM-01 micromissiles

From the tv ser of the robot

Koushiryoku Beam
•   Like Mazinger Z before it, Mazinkaiser can unleash pure Photonic Energy from its eyes. However, Mazinkaiser's version is much more powerful. (All versions)
Rust Tornado
•   An improved version of Mazinger Z's Rust Hurricane, Mazinkaiser fires a trio of high-power tornadoes from its mouth grill, releasing corrosive particles along with the powerful winds. (All versions)
Giganto Missile / Gigas Missile
•   Mazinkaiser launches a powerful missile from its torso area. (All versions)
Turbo Smasher Punch
•   Mazinkaiser's version of the eponymous Rocket Punch. It functions much like Great Mazinger's Drill Pressure Punch, but with more force behind it. (All versions)
Fire Blaster
•   As is standard with the Mazingers, Mazinkaiser's chest fin is a heat sink for the Photonic Energy reactor and can release this thermal energy as a devastating ranged attack. The Fire Blaster is the most powerful attack of this type, being shown able to completely melt even enemies missed by many yards. According to the manga, it is powerful enough to burn through Earth's core (All versions)
Kaiser Blade / Shoulder Slicer
•   A pair of swords emerge from Mazinkaiser's shoulders; their design is similar to Great Mazinger's Mazinger Blade. Note that the animated Mazinkaiser only gets this attack in the movie. (Anime and game)
Kaiser Sword / Kaiser Blade / Final Kaiser Blade
•   A large sword emerges from Mazinkaiser's chest fin. This weapon is part of Mazinkaiser's true power, unleashed when Kouji fought Baron Ashura's new body, Hell King Gordon. Apart from appearing in the anime, the Final Kaiser Blade also appears in Super Robot Wars GC/XO, Super Robot Wars Judgement and Super Robot Wars W, since they feature the Mazinkaiser OVA. In installments that feature both Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter Robo, the two can execute the Dynamic Double Impact attack, which involves the Kaiser Sword and the Getter Tomahawk. (All versions)
Reitou Beam
•   Mazinkaiser fires a blast of super-cold energy from the antennae on the side of its head. This attack, only seen in the movie, is an improvement of Mazinger Z's Reitou Beam. (Anime only)
Kaiser Knuckle
•   In the movie, Mazinkaiser can spin its forearms without launching them, giving its punches more power. It also uses this move as a part of Kaiser Nova in Super Robot Wars W, but cannot use it as a standalone attack. (Anime and game)
Jet Boomerang
•   Mazinkaiser launches and remotely controls the Kaiser Scrander at the enemy. (Game only)
Scrander Boomerang
•   Mazinkaiser removes the Kaiser Scrander and throws it as a giant boomerang. In the anime it was shown it is powerful enough to cut the Mycene fortress Demonika in half. (Anime and game)
Scrander Cutter Ranbu
•   Mazinkaiser flies at a high speed and slashes multiple enemies with its Scrander. (Manga only)
Dynamite Tackle
•   In the manga and Super Robot Wars Alpha, Mazinkaiser can charge its body with Photonic Energy and perform a powerful body slam attack. (Manga and game)
Kaiser Nova
•   In the manga, Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and Super Robot Wars W, Mazinkaiser can unleash an incredible amount of Photonic Energy from its body all at once, creating a massive explosion. (Manga and game)

winner Mazinkaiser

Shin Getter Robo vs Cybuster

winner Cybuster

raideen vs Mazinkaiser

winner Mazinkaiser

Cybuster vs Mazinkaiser

winner Mazinkaiser

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is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? is it like the hand of god hovering above? at least it is true that man has no control, even over his own destiny.

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Re: Robot Armageddon 2009 fights winners and losers w/there attacks
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2009, 10:06:03 PM »

Ideon Vs Escaflwne

From the tv ser Space Runaway Ideon

- "All Missiles" attack where all of the Ideon's now Ide-powered missiles are launched simulataneously at great speeds destroying literally fleets of ships in one attack. Without a doubt, Ideon's destructive power reaches godlike status when three distinct weapons are discovered:
•   Black Hole Cannon, which as the name implies, creates a miniature black hole capable of massive destruction. This weapon is only used once in the series.
•   The Ideon Sword, a beam of pure light emitted from each of Ideon's hands. While the beam's destructive power is immense (even cleaving an entire planet in half at one point), its most peculiar quality is its length. While adjustable, the maximum length of the sword is depicted as being quite possibly infinite.
•   The Ideon Gun (a.k.a. the Wave Leader Cannon) - a massive blue cannon directly powered by the Ideon's Ide energy to produce an enormous white wave of energy which destroys literally anything in its path in a forty five-degree angle, including starships and planets. This cannon's initial use is so awesome that the crew are very wary of using it.

Name after ser

-   Giant retractable sword
-   Can transform in to a giant dragon that can fly
-   Has the ability to accidentally kill it pilot

winner Ideon

Wing zero vs voltron

Wing Zero Gundam
From Gundam Wing

-   Beam Cannon Capable of Destroying Space Colonies
-   Vulcan Cannons
-   Beam Sabre

From Hyakujuuoh Go Lion (Aka Voltron: Defender of the Universe)

•   Ten Kings Sword (十王剣 Jūōken?)(pun: Jūō written with the kanji 獣王 means Beast King): GoLion clasps both arms together and pulls out a sword, which is then used to defeat the enemy Deathblack Beastmen. Later in the series, it is used to perform the techniques Lightning Drop (稲妻落とし Inazuma Otoshi?) and Meteor Fifth Rank Slash (流星五段斬り Ryūsei Godan Giri?).
Called "Blazing Sword" in the Voltron version. In Media Blasters' release of GoLion, it is translated as "King's Sword Jyuoken" (when summoning the weapon, otherwise it is simply "Jyuoken").
•   Wing Boomerang — Boomerang attack from the wings of GoLion.
•   Space Cutter — Spinning Blades.
•   Eye Flash — Beams fired from the eyes of GoLion.
•   Hurricane Attack — Wind attack similar to Daimos Blizzard, but not as strong.
•   Laser Magnum — Laser-like bullets fired from the mouth of the Green Lion.
•   Fire Tornado — A burst of flame emits from the mouth of the Red Lion.
•   Cross Beam — Cross-shaped boomerang fired from the chest.
•   Gatling Missiles — Small missiles fired from the legs.
•   Electromagnetic Lance — Weapon used as a spear at times.
•   Foot Missile — Missiles fired from the mouths of the Blue and Yellow Lions.
•   Four Lion Attack — The "Lion Head Attack" 100-Ton Punch.
•   Grand Fire — A stream of flames fired from the mouths of the Blue and Yellow Lions

winner Wing zero

Turn A Gundam vs. Jehuty

Turn A Gundam
Named after tv series Turn A Gundam

-   Beam Rifle
-   Beam Sabre
-   Atomic Bombs
-   Hyper Hammer (Giant Mace on a Chain)
-   Moonlight Butterfly: Nanomachine attack that turns all technology to sand. Reduced human civilization  to level of stone age.

From Zone of the Enders

-   Energy Rifle
-   Energy Shields
-   Energy Sword
-   Energy Manipulation

winner Turn A Gundam

Big O vs. Giant Robo

Big O
Named after tv series Big O

-   Giant Piston Punches
-   Chrome Buster: Energy Blast
-   Machine Guns
-   Missile Salvos
-   Energy Field
-   Final Stage: Giant Cannon

Giant Robo
From the oav ser giant robo the day the earth stood still

•   Finger missiles: Fired from the fingers with an undetermined number of rounds.
•   Back missile: Fired from the back of the robot as the robot is lying on its chest facing toward its enemy. The back missile is considerably larger and more destructive than the finger missiles.
•   Bazooka cannon: A weapon which fires out of the top of the robot's head - not so much a true bazooka as a shower of sparks capable of blinding and disorienting an enemy.
•   Eye beams: A twinned energy blast from the eyes.
•   The center V on the chest can launch and ram against the enemy to force it back. In addition, the robot's "belt buckle" contains a long pole which can be used to hook onto an enemy.
•   Flamethrower: The mouth of the robot can open up to reveal a small tube which acts as a flame thrower which is capable of melting through large metal walls with ease.
•   Burning Cross Technique: The robot can mysteriously produce a flaming cross resembling a plus that is burning and cast it upon the enemy.
•   Electrocution wires: the robot can produce wire that can give out high voltage electricity that can annihilate a monster without much trouble.

winner Giant Robo

Ideon vs Wing zero

winner Ideon

Turn A Gundam vs Giant Robo

winner Giant Robo

Ideon vs Giant Robo

winner Ideon

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is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? is it like the hand of god hovering above? at least it is true that man has no control, even over his own destiny.

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Re: Robot Armageddon 2009 fights winners and losers w/there attacks
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2009, 10:07:54 PM »

Gunbuster vs. Liger Zero

Named after OVA Series “Aim for the Top! Gunbuster”

-   Super Inazuma Kick: Flying Kick
-   Buster Shield: Cape that reflects energy blasts
-   Finger Missiles
-   Buster Beam
-   Buster Collider: Massive tasers that pop out of its arms and legs

Liger Zero
From Zoids

-   Immense speed
-   Claw and Bite attacks

winner Gunbuster

Gear Fighter Dendoh vs. Shinkon Gattai Godannar

Gear Fighter Dendoh
Name after the ser

-   Various Shaolin Kempo attacks
-   High Speed Spinning gears on its arms and legs
-   Lightning Blade attack

From the tv ser Shinkon Gattai Godannar

Spiral Fire
Godannar raises into the air and spins rapidly, creating a tornado of flame around its body. Primarily a defensive move.
Counter Knuckle
Godannar fires a short range energy burst from its fist via punching motion. Primarily used to counter enemy ranged attacks (hence the name of the move) allowing Godannar to engage its target at close range, where it can make use of its truly powerful attack options.
Soul Spin Crush
A flipping axe kick. Sometimes used to stun the enemy long enough to land Heart Breaker.
Heart Breaker
THe first part of Godannar's finishing combination. Godannar executes a powerful straight punch, burying its fist into the target's body. The co-pilot (who was piloting one of the 2 Okusaer units before merging with Dannar) then pulls the trigger on a gun-shaped control device. This fires one of the shells in Godannar's revolver chambers, causing a massive energy burst. The exact effect is not stated in the series, but it seems to cause a the organic components of a Mimesis to harden into a stone-like substance, immobilizing the target and making it more prone to being shattered by Soul Breaker, the inevitable follow up to Heart Breaker. While Anna only pulls the trigger once, Milla (the original pilot of Neo Okusaer) pulls the trigger multiple times, amplifying the effect of the attack.
Soul Breaker
After stunning an enemy with Heart Breaker, Godannar leaps high into the air, and comes down with a powerful diving kick that shatters the target's body. When merged with Go Okusaer, this move becomes Fire Soul Breaker. When using Fire Soul Breaker, Godannar kicks with both feet, and is wreathed in blue flame.

winner Godannar

Gaiking vs. Eva Unit 01

From the tv ser Great Sky Demon Dragon Gaiking

- " HYDRO BLAZER: This has the potential to be Gaiking's most powerful weapon. Sanshiro could use his powers to increase the power of the weapon. This came from the nose of the Dragon face so the Space Dragon could also use it.

- COUNTER PUNCH: This is the standard flying fist attack that so many of the Giant Robots used. It really does not have anything to set it apart.

- COUNTER CROSS: Gaiking could throw the plates on the front of his legs as razor sharp boomerangs. While they looked cool these were often inaffective as they simply bounced off most of the time and almost never actually made it back to Gaiking like a boomerang should.

- FLAME BREATH(Forget exact name for weapon): Gaiking's face plates would fly off his face, revealing the face's inner structure. Without the plates Gaiking could emit flames from his "mouth."

-LASER BEAM: The beams were similar to Mazinger's except they looked diffrent when activated. Gaiking used his Laser Beams a lot less frequently and with less success thna Mazinger.

-ELECTRON CHAIN: Two beams would come from the Dragon Face's eyes and then tangle together into one powerful beam. A good all around weapon for Gaiking. The Space dragon Could also use it.

- GREAT BITE(Again, forgot specific name for weapon): Gaiking would use the mouth of the Dragon Face to bite enemies in two. I never actually got to see this weapon being used so it was not very frequent. Probably because Gaiking had to get too close to use it.

-THUNDER HORNS(Another I forget the name for): Gaiking would stab a enemy with his horns then send electricity through them. Not often used, probably for the sam ereason as the Great Bite.

-THE HAND DRILLS(Ok, I really do a bad job with these :) The Dragon would launch drills that attacked to Gaiking's hands. I don't think I have to say for what he used them for.

Unit 01
From tv ser Neon Genesis Evangelion

-   Giant Bowie Knife
-   AT Field: Energy Field
-   Berserker Mode: Enhanced strength, speed, and regeneration
-   Positron Rifle: Huge energy sniper rifle powered by all of Japan
-   Pallet Rifle: Eva-sized machine gun

winner Gaiking

ok before we continue this match had to be the funnest one and had the room on the floor laughing
here we go..........

Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor) vs. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tetsujin 28
From Anime Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor)

-   Punch
-   Kick
-   Flight

ADD abilitys from the up coming movie
-          electric charged power punch

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

-   Limitless Energy
-   Guns of all kinds that can shoot through time and space
-   Drills
-   It’s the size of a GALAXY!!!
-   Defies the laws of physics (particularly the law of conservation of matter)

winner Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gunbuster vs Shinkon Gattai Godannar

winner Gunbuster

Gaiking vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

winner Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gunbuster vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

winner Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Now its the the final 4

Genesic Gaogaigar vs Mazinkaiser

winner Mazinkaiser

Ideon vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

winner Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

now the epic battle 32 entered but only one walks away with the title of best of the best

Mazinkaiser vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

and the winner is................................ Mazinkaiser
32 battle bracket

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is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? is it like the hand of god hovering above? at least it is true that man has no control, even over his own destiny.

the otaku god

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Re: Robot Armageddon 2009 fights winners and losers w/there attacks
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2009, 07:57:42 PM »

Hi Everyone,
i just upload pics on the names of the robots and even added the 32 battle bracket. awsome event and can't wait to here from you so i can hear your opinions.
is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? is it like the hand of god hovering above? at least it is true that man has no control, even over his own destiny.
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