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Author Topic: Lets head to the Christmas Bowl! EyeShield 21 '10 Gathering?  (Read 1268 times)

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Fanime 2010 EyeShield 21 Gathering!

Ya-Ha! Hey guys welcome to the official EyeShield 21 gathering . I saw a few amazing Eyeshield cosplayers this year and thought to myself 'Huh, we need a gathering' . The thread is abit early but getting everything done early is half the battle. Along with keeping this neat. There will be edits and updates often so make sure to check in once in awhile, ja? 
Also if you have any idea's on where to meet, or have any fun idea's for games to play them post them. Although getting a real football game might be hard so try for something less challenging then that :D .
So lets make this gathering great, no epic, for Fanime 2010!

Day: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Please be advised that Fanime staff will be taking photos of the group and if cosplayers do not wish to be in them to step aside. If you stay then you are giving consent to be photographed.


So who's cosplaying?

People Count:

Deimon Devil Bats:

Ojo White Knights:

Zokugaku Chameleons:
Ryo_Hellsing - Rui Habashira

Seibu Wild Gunmen:

Taiyō Sphinx:

Shinryūji Naga:

Nasa Aliens/Nasa Shuttles:

Amino Cyborgs:

Yūhi Guts:

Kyoshin Poseidon:

Bando Spiders:

Hakushū Dinosaurs:

Teikoku Alexanders:

Koigahama Cupids:




Other Events:

This is just so if the fans have something else in mind then I will place it here.
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