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Author Topic: Goddess Productions Panels Preview for Fanime 2010  (Read 1018 times)

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Goddess Productions Panels Preview for Fanime 2010
« on: October 29, 2009, 01:11:08 PM »

Hey hey!!

It's Venus Benihime Sama!! And again I'm coming back for Fanime 2010.

But first a little quick history: Goddess Productions is the new venture that has come from the creator of The Printed Otakus!! We now specialize in a bunch of smaller artistic ventures in the hopes of having fun, educating minds and building community with otakus!!!

The Goddess Productions-Fanime 2010 Panels Preview

Panels Coming Back for 2010 by Popular Demand!!

Animes To Watch Besides Bleach and Naurto--With brand new titles to our ever growing list!!!

Your Otaku Business Version 2.0--Create a business that is recession proof, cause it's all YOURS!

Brand New Panels for 2010

Inside The World of The Shinigami--We're going to talk about the history of Death Gods, and their intense involvement in the Japanese Culture and animes that talk a lot about them.

The Otaku Breakfast Panel!--Bring your breakfast and Starbucks and come and have some fun with us and talk about all things otakudom!! We may bring some special breakfast guests as well!

Mecha 101--The panel for those who are clueless about Mecha Animes and all insanity that comes with it.

Cosplay Photography for Beginners--Whether you have a regular camera or the world's most awesome Nikon, learn how to take fantastic cosplay photos and love them!!!

If you have seen one of our other panels or if you have any questions about Fanime 2010, leave a message here!!!
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