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Author Topic: Sat Nov 14: No-Name Anime (Santa Clara, CA) showing  (Read 803 times)

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Sat Nov 14: No-Name Anime (Santa Clara, CA) showing
« on: November 06, 2009, 10:09:37 PM »

November is traditionally about gathering the harvest and sharing it with friends and family. Separated classmates share a journey in Twelve Kingdoms, warlocks are harvesting fairies in Tweeny Witches, a mysterious new character gathers birds in Loki, Mugen and Jin join yakuza families in Samurai Champloo, and Miyanokouji makes new friends in Otoboku. Come gather with No-Name Anime and share the viewing experience!

Saturday afternoon, November 11 Santa Clara City Library
(2635 Homestead Road, in northern California)
http://www.nnanime.com | http://www.nnanime.com/flyers/2009/sch09_11.html Free!

2:30  The Twelve Kingdoms #8"Shadow of the Moon, the Sea of Shadow, Chapter 8"
13:00 Tweeny Witches #8 (aka 15 & 16)"Cursed Magic" and "Eva's Courage"
13:25 Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok #3"The Assassin Descends!"
13:55 Tactics #13"Woodland Nightmare"
14:20 Bottle Fairy #8"November"
14:35 Abunai! Break time!
15:25 The Adventures of Mini-Goddess #28 - 29"Rainy Day" and "Let's Meet in Our Dreams"
15:45 Samurai Champloo #3-4 (16+)"Hellhounds for Hire (Parts 1 and 2)"
16:40 Planetes #11"Boundary Line"
17:10 Otoboku #2"The Eraser That Doesn't Erase"

(Some shows not appropriate for all audiences, but if the FanimeCon BBS doesn't weird you out, it's probably OK.)
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