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Author Topic: Sat Sep 11: No-Name Anime (Santa Clara, CA) showing  (Read 745 times)

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Sat Sep 11: No-Name Anime (Santa Clara, CA) showing
« on: September 06, 2010, 04:35:01 PM »

Join fellow fans for an afternoon of subtitled Japanese animation.

Saturday afternoon, September 11, Santa Clara City Library
(2635 Homestead Road, in northern California) |

Satoshi Kon passed away on August 24, 2010. To honor his memory, we will be showing Millennium Actress, the story of a life through film-colored memories. Satoshi Kon wrote the story, directed the movie, and even worked on the character designs.

12:00 The Twelve Kingdoms #30"Great Distance in The Wind, The Sky at Dawn - Chapter 8"
12:30 Tactics #23"A Snowy Landscape of Glass"
12:55 Tweeny Witches #18 (aka 35-36)"Collapse" and "Escape"
13:25 Samurai Champloo #12"The Disorder Diaries"
13:50Abunai! Break time!
14:40 Millennium ActressFujiwara Chiyoko was once the star actress of Ginei Studios.
Although  she had avoided the public for 30 years, the
actress agrees to an  interview with Genya Tachibana,
who gives her a key. Past events merge with past roles as
Chiyoko reminisces about her life.
16:10  Bamboo Blade #4"Pink and Blue"

(Some shows not appropriate for all audiences, but if the FanimeCon BBS doesn't weird you out, it's probably OK.)

Please note that we are starting at noon this month!
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