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Author Topic: Creating Your Graphic Novels vs. How to Make a Webcomic in 1 Hour  (Read 610 times)

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Panel descriptions:
Creating Your Graphic Novels: Learn how to create, and distribute your own graphic novel without any artistic ability, or experience.
How to Make a Webcomic in 1 hr: (OR LESS!) Follow along as Scott Aleric demonstrates making his webcomic Hell Has Found Me in 1 hour or less* with quick, easy-to-follow steps. Learn fast Corel Painter and Photoshop techniques, inserting word bubbles, and prepping for web publication! *Some preparation required.

I'm a wannabe manga writer without any artistic ability (I collaborate with or commission artists). The Graphic Novels panel obviously seems more aligned with my interests but the description is vague/unbelievable, is it seriously possible to teach how to create a graphic novel in 1 hr, unless by "create" the author is referring to the publishing/printing process (instead of the creative one)?

On the other hand, the webcomic panel could teach me how to create my name as fast as possible (to pass on to potential artists), as right now I draw them at snail pace.

If anyone has any insight or advice, that would be super appreciated!!

Edit: These 2 panels are unfortunately same time same day (Sunday @ 2PM), if going to both were an option I would!
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