"Did you take my photo?" thread for Fanime 2011

Started by redroses3164, May 30, 2011, 02:43:19 PM

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Idea lovingly stolen from the Fanime cosplay.com thread here

Basically, just ask your fellow users here if you have pics (or video) of your cosplay from 2011 in this thread. Put down the character you cosplayed, what series he/she/it is from, and what day(s) you wore it. It's also good if you add some type of reference shot of yourself in the cosplay but that's not mandatory.
If you see someone you took a pic/video of, go ahead and post again (or PM each other) to let the user know where they may see the pics/video so they can feel the love. <3

Please post links to photos and not the photos please. Thank you


I was Stocking all weekend. I had the default version (with sword, hone neko plush, and sometimes orange lollipop) and pajama version (just plush and sometimes lollipop).

References photos:
Me as default Stocking (with Garterbelt and a Panty I met at the con):

Me as pajama Stocking:

Also looking for my friend.
My friend as default Panty (has gun):

My friend as pajama Panty (sometimes with a pink pair of undies):

I hung out with a Garterbelt cosplayer (and eventually a Panty cosplayer) a good chunk of Friday in the default version. On Saturday, I hung out with a pajama Panty. On Sunday, I was with default Panty.


Here was my lineup XD

Hina Ichigo - Rozen Maiden
Fem Jun - Rozen Maiden
Any Pics from the rozen maiden tea will be loved :3

Kagura Sohma - Fruits Basket
Sexy No Jutsu Sasori - Naruto
Blonde Launch - Dragon Ball
Any Pics from the Dragon ball or Fruits Basket Gathering are appreciated!

Injured Prisoner Orihime - Bleach
Undead Kikyo- InuYasha
Any Pictures from the InuYasha Gathering are appreciated!
Any Pictures from the B/W Ball would be nice ^^

Mary - Harvest Moon
Any Harvest Moon Gathering pics will be loved<3


Looking for pictures of myself as Oshawott (white wig, blue dress and leggings) from Saturday and Child N from Sunday. :3
2011 Cosplays -
Mijumaru/Oshawott (Pokemon B/W)
Team Rocket Grunt (Pokemon)

Possibly Red Scout (TF2)


Oh, yay! Was looking for one of these.

Friday - Was dressed as Tifa (White top/black skirt outfit) accompanied by a Yuffie and Lucy from Fairytale.

Saturday - Was Zatanna (black top, black dress blouse bodysuit, fishnets) was accompanied by a STR from black rock shooter. I was also the smaller asian Zatanna if you were at the marvel/dc gathering. If you have pictures from the gathering, send them over!

Sunday - Pocahontas in the morning with a yellow angel card captor Sakura then afternoon we changed back to Tifa and STR

Monday - wasn't dressed.
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Hi! I was Vileplume from Pokemon on Saturday and Sunday. I had a big pink/purple flower on my head and wore a purple dress. Thanks!  :-*


I was Shredder on Friday and Sat, and A Fallout Vault dweller on Sunday!
2012 Cosplay:
The Shredder - TMNT
Mugatu - Zoolander
Old Man Logan - Wolverine


I went at Princess Mononoke (without a mask) on Saturday. I'd love to see some pictures!


I went as Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica for most of Fanime. Here's a reference picture:
I would love to see pictures!  :D
Fanime 2013 Cosplays:
FemmeMedic (Team Fortress 2)


Hey everybody! Awesome year. Here were my cosplays:

Thursday: Robin from Young Justice (I was the really short one with the domino mask).

Friday: Patchouli from Touhou (Purple nightgown and mob cap, long purple hair, usually holding a book. I was also the really tiny one, as there was another Patchouli I saw that was pretty tall).

Saturday: Robin again. I was also at the Marvel/DC gathering, so I'll link the few pictures I've got from it to you guys from the gathering.

Sunday: Patchouli again. I was at the Touhou gathering, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that myself.

Monday: I kinda mixed my cosplays a bit; I wore my wig for Asuka from Evangelion, and my shirt and pants for my Robin cosplay at the same time. A couple of people took a picture of this so yeah.

Thanks guys!


Thursday: Reeve Tuesti from ff7 in suit with cait sith plush
      night: Pyramid Head
Friday: Reeve Tuesti again with cait sith plush and suit.
     Night: Pyramid Head
     Night: Ward Zabac Brief
Saturday: Reeve Tuesti DoC Coat. And Cait Sith Plush.
              Ward Zabac
Sunday: Pyramid Head
          Evening/Night: Ward Zabac


Thursday - Looker from Pokemon
Friday - Kyoya from OHSHC
Satuday - Cilan (Green Haired Waiter holding a tray with a pokeball)
Sunday -  Blu Scout from TF2 and Cilan again.


If anyone has any pictures of me I was the Kyo-cat from fruits basket :)


Has anyone seen me?

Friday: HinaIchigo from Rozen Maiden

Saturday: Mew from Pokemon
Sakura from Naruto Shippuden(Had a Sasuke with me the whole time xD)

Sunday: White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland
Sakura yet again same one with same Sasu xD

Monday: Sakura from Naruto Shippuden all day xD
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Looking for any and all photos and videos of the blue Dalek from Doctor Who.  I was in the costume Saturday and Monday; it sat in the lobby of the Marriott hotel when I wasn't scrambling around it in.
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did anyone take a picture of me? i was aries from fairy tail on saturday and sunday.


Pretty good year guys!

Friday - Manager [ Detroit Metal City]
Saturday - DeeDee [ Batman Beyond]
Sunday - Fox [Gargoyles]

If you also have my friends that would be cool! They where,..

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Harley Quinn [ Arkham Asylum Video Game]
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Spike with Mohawk [ Cowboy Bebop]

Thank you guys!


I was regular!Spain and pirate!Spain and fem!Spain from Friday through Monday

Besides fem!Spain, I either had  my ax or my 3'5' Spanish flag with me. A few times I had both for pirate!Spain. :3

[Edit] Oh yeah. For Friday and Saturday, I was the Spain who was eating a real tomato randomly throughout the day.


I was the Elesa (electric trainer from Pokemon B&W) who wore her headphones around her neck on Saturday and Sunday. I also had really light yellow hair, compared to the other Elesas I saw.

Sleepy Nemu

Hey everyone!

:D I went as

Friday- Fox Costume [Bright orange, white and black. Very fuzzy!]
Sat- Cat Splicer from Biosock [I was with my boyfriend who was a rabbit splicer] And a zombie in the Highschool of the dead [Wore torn bloody jeans, white halter top, and had short black hair]
Sun- Fox Costume again
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