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Which of our panels would you be most interested in?

Bliss Stage
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Cel Style Games
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Ren'Py Game Design
- 3 (75%)
Asian Visual Media Roleplaying
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I don't know enough to tell.
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I'm disinterested in all of them.
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Author Topic: Bliss Stage, Cel Style Games, Ren'Py, and Asian Visual Media Roleplaying panels  (Read 781 times)

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Bliss Authority

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Hello Fanime!  I'm Bliss Authority, the head writer for an upcoming Bliss Stage Visual Novel. My team, Perpetual Motion Entertainment, is going to be running a series of panels this Fanime (subject to approval from the panel organizers, knock on wood, and so forth) which I wanted to talk about here.

These panels are:

  • Bliss Stage.
A 2-hour, in-depth panel about the tabletop RPG Bliss Stage. Includes discussion of it's major influences from Evangelion, Macross, Ender's Game and The Matrix; examples of tabletop play with advice for character builds and new game-masters; and a discussion of the Visual Novel and it's production.
  • Cel-Style Games.
A 2-hour panel about the various anime and Asian media inspired tabletop games distributed under Cel-Style's name, including Bliss Stage, Maid:RPG, Panty Explosion, Clover (a Yotsuba-inspired game), Classroom Deathmatch, and Hot Guys Making Out: The Yaoi RPG.
  • Ren'Py Game Design,
an hour-long panel on exactly what it says on the tin. Come to learn how to make a game in the Ren'Py visual novel and RPG engine - the engine used to create Katawa Shoujo and for the Bliss Stage VN, with numerous war stories and exampled from the latter.
  • Asian Visual Media Roleplaying,
an hour-long overview of tabletop games and other roleplaying based on such diverse genres as Wuxia, Chanbara, Toku, Magical Girls, Mecha, and slice-of-life Anime.

What do y'all think of these panels?  Which excite you, and which would you like to know more about?  I'll pop in to answer questions.
Also known as Tsundere Lightning. Head Writer of Bliss Stage: Love Is Our Weapon, a visual novel based on a game by Ben Lehman. Come to our panels and our Artist's Alley table!
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