Any Doctor who fans? :3

Started by Pika-Ninja, April 11, 2012, 09:48:22 PM

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Hiya! Just got into Doctor who and i finished it already, and i love it! Wondering if there are any cosplayers out there? I cosplay rose, and seeing as i have nothing to do sunday, if some doctor who people wanna get together and goof around?
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You may be interested in this thread on a combination Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock gathering:,16950.0.html
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Now watch torchwood. hup hup!


I'm a doctor who fan. haven't done any cosplay yet for it.
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I <3 Doctor Who!  Wish I could make the meet-up :(


We did had a Dalek at the Con :p


Recently, yes! Just entered the third season (At a rate of about a season a day...) But I'm so excited to meet other fans and see cosplayers. I'm definitely going to the SuperWhoLock meetup


Girlfriend and I are Doctor Who fans :)
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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVE Doctor Who! I'll be at the SuperWhoLock gathering on Sunday in my Dalek dress! You should stop by and say hi! :)