Fanime 2012 Music Video.

Started by Tabbychan, May 03, 2012, 06:23:50 PM

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So this video did NOT turn out like I had planned XD

Due to 10ish cosplay gatherings(6 ran by myself), con drama, and other things I couldn't put together a lipdub video xD  ON THE OTHER HAND! I WAS able to make a video ;D

So here is Moral Insanity's first Fanime video !!!

Featuring the League of Legends Gathering, The My Little Pony Gathering, A group of Firefly Cosplayers from the Firefly/Whedon Gathering, Random shaking con walkthroughs, An awesome Dj, A beautiful Chun-Li, and more :D

Thank you everyone who joined this, I'm sorry to those I missed ><


That sounds like a good idea! :D


I think so too ^^ I saw that other cons have fan made music videos so I thought I'd add one for Fanime <3


Haha x] Will you be recording all day? Or just a certain day? :3


All weekend XD My group will be running around in doubles recording gatherings, rooms, cosplay, and events XD


LOL! Lucky! Me and my friends are still trying to go all weekend but it depends if his cousins will let us stay over for Fanime. If not then most likely we'll only be going on Saturday. xD I'm somewhat interested in this music video x3 Hopefully I'll see you around! :DD


I may be cutting it into per day videos depending on how many cosplayers are willing to lipsync for us or pose / move in character :)

Here's some videos that motivated me into making this ^^  London Film & Comic Con, July 2011. EXPOCOMIC 2011, Madrid, Spain. Otakon 2011



This sounds fun.
Are you looking for particular cosplays or is anything ok?


Since this IS Fanime and all cosplayers are amazing to me my only request is pick the cosplay you love the most or you feel is your best :)

If interested just pm me and I can answer specific questions, I'll be updating the first post as more people get interested :D


Haha after looking at the videos, it does seem fun! XD And the LMFAO lip sync one was hilarious LOL! I'll love to participate in this x3


This idea is awesome! I've imagined doing something like this after viewing some similar ones before. I think this one here was one of the first I saw:

Best of luck with this! I am not attending Fanime this year, but I hope you get enough people to participate and I hope you'll post a link when you finish it. :) It's hard work to gather all those clips of people lipsyncing and doing things you need, but the results are well worth it. ^_^ I'll be anticipating this. Good luck and have fun with it!
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That one is awesome!!! :D and I know it'll be hard to do but I also knwo that my Team and I will make it the best we can :D I have a few people already interested and I'm hoping to get gatherings, cosplayers, cosplay duos/trios/groups, and even a few scenes of the rooms(dealers, artist ect). MAYBE? a panel or two. Haha the trouble is fitting it all in three minutes XD