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Author Topic: Trying for an Alley table on convention Saturday?  (Read 611 times)

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Trying for an Alley table on convention Saturday?
« on: May 06, 2012, 03:25:06 PM »


To those who were unable to get a table this year in Artist Alley and plan to try to purchase on on Saturday the 26th, please note the following:

- A line for purchasing a table will begin no sooner that the start of PUBLIC hours for Artist Alley. Do NOT line up before the doors open. Such lines pose fire hazards and will be disbursed. When the line forms it will be inside the exhibit hall to one side of the Artist Alley Staff table. Please ask us if you are not sure where the line is.
- Any unclaimed tables will be sold starting at Noon to those in line, in the order of the line.
- Purchase price is $75 (3 days x $25/day). Your table purchase is for the rest of the convention, not just one day at a time.
- Each artist may only purchase ONE table. If you are sharing a table, the maximum of two artists per table still applies.
- You must have CASH (exact change will really help!)
- You MUST have a California Seller's Permit with you, and one additional copy for Artist Alley.
- You MUST have a valid legal ID (school ID's are not valid)
- You will have to agree to abide by the Table Agreement.
- If you are a Minor (16 or 17), your Parent must accompany you AND remain with you while you sell through the remainder of the convention.
- If you already have a table in Artist Alley you may not purchase a second table.

AA Staff.
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